About us

Husewif –“your companion, next-door”

Husewif is dedicated to the entire ‘homemakers’ tribe, more commonly known as house wives. Husewif is the perfect place to get inspiration about your day to day activities that wrap your home. Easy and simple DIYs, Gardening, Home and Lifestyle Tips and Tricks, Interiors and Decorations Ideas, Kitchen and Home Hacks and subject as crucial as Parenting: you name it and Husewif has an answer to it.

It’s not hard to realise that it takes lot more than cooking and tidying-up to keep up the sanity of a home. It becomes tougher when you are a working woman, with an arm load of kids trotting around. With our lifesaving hacks and advices, we try to make your daily chores easier and your home a lively place to grow up old.

Our blogs focus on daily issues that arise at home front and cover more than 100 topics pertaining to home and living, which may include but not limited to “how to plant kitchen herbs in your balcony” to “how to handle and coax a picky eater to eat”.

We believe, with growing responsibilities and enhanced work objectives our lifestyle has completely taken an unexpected turn. Hence, the more simplified we make our work, the more time we would find to spend with our family. On that note, Husewif indulges in producing premium content with a purpose, ‘an online learning resource on family, parenting and homemaking’.

Our Purpose, a Vision to Simplify

Our aim is to be one of the widely recognised home and living blogs that sources tips to improve all aspects of your living. Our website is dedicated to housewives, a word that describes the manpower behind a beautiful and liveable home.

We try to provide as many advice, resource, tip & trick, and information that helps homemakers get things done easily and effectively.

We also give you chance to share your ideas, views and thoughts about our blogs writing in the comments under each articles. Your views shall be treasured