10 Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home to Ensure the Positivity

It is believed that each home has its own energy. It could be either of both types of energy i.e. negative or positive energy. But, with the help of Vastu Shastra tips and tricks one can change the form of energy and ensure positivity in the home for a longer period! Like there are number of cricket experts similarly you can find plenty of Vastu Experts and that too each with completely different opinions. Yeah! That’s real friends and that’s the most exciting and most sad part even. You can’t actually decide as to whose rules and principles you should follow to ensure Vastu compliance.

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home00

Basic vastu shastra tips for home

But, nevertheless, you shouldn’t let your efforts go in vain. Coming up are some of the basic yet important Vastu Shastra Tips for home which are a must to provide impetus to positivity. Hang on! Before ensuring the positive surrounding around you, get yourself captured with wonderful aroma of fresh smell with these ideas.

Nameplate outside the door:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home1

Yeah! There’s actually a science behind this that’s why many Vastu experts advise people to go for placing a nameplate just outside their home such as on the main wall or main door. It is believed that positivity traces the owner and comes back to you.

Say NO to mirrors in bedroom:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home2

You may not find any logic behind this but according to many Vastu experts; it causes ill health and differences among family members. It is advised to cover the dressing table or wardrobe mirror with a curtain especially while sleeping.

Let the Wind chimes blow in the house:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home3

Yeah! It is important to use the tinkling bells as wind chimes in order to break the negative energy patterns. With the flow of tinkling sound, the negativity eradicates and the positive energy flows easily. It’s a must to have in a house. If you don’t possess it then go and get it today.

Hang the right picture frames:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home4

It is natural that what we see around us maximum times, it impacts our brain significantly. That’s why Vastu experts say a big no to such picture frames that portray war, tragedy or anger. Even those pictures which have an eagle or owl are not advisable. They’re believed to be inauspicious and create troubles.

Keeping medicines out of the Kitchen:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home5

It is said that medicines if placed in the kitchen of the home are believed to attract negative energy. So, in order to spread the positive vibes and clean all negativity, get all the medicines out of the kitchen. It is one of the tested Vastu Shastra tips for home. For instance, you better check out the selected country kitchen designs. 

Burn incense sticks every morning and evening:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home6

It’s all about how pure and fresh environment you’re able to create at your home. Positivity is nothing rather than mental peace and calmness. Experts suggest chanting god’s name and to light up the incense sticks in the corners of the house in order to purify air and mind.

Grow a Tulsi or Basil Plant in front of the house:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home7

Plants are an integral part of our homes as well as our lives. In order to let the positive air flow in, as per Vastu Shastra one should plant Tulsi and Basil leaves outside their home. Moreover, you must have these plants in your garden to kick off the bloody mosquitoes. 

Do not keep watches which are either out of order or lying idle in the house:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home8

Yes! You need to search for these items immediately and if there are any you just need to get them out of the home in order to restore positive energy.

Light Lamps:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home10

Have you ever observed the silence and peace of light that comes from a decent lamp? Yes, this is for shooing away the negativity fro home and keeps the peaceful and soothing environment around you. Do light the lamp every evening!

Never keep head in north direction while sleeping:

Basic Vastu Shastra Tips for Home11

There’s science behind it! Earth has two poles, north and south so the magnetic energy is so if you sleep keeping head in north this will surely affect your mind, leading to sickness, stress, laziness and so many problems.

There can be other numerous basic Vastu Shastra tips for home. Moreover, different experts can have a variable viewpoint and principle. But, in order to avoid confusion, one should always follow a single approach and have full faith in it.

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