How to Build Backyard Fire Pit: DIY Project

Does your house own backyard space? And you love to sit there with family and friends in free time under the blanket of blue sky? Well, backyard space has lot to do with. What about backyard fir pit? Yes, it serves warmth, romantic and entertaining atmosphere around you. It brings you the leisure and comfortable time to enjoy with kids, pals and neighbors as well.  This post shares simple DIY to build classic backyard fir pit, will provide you the feeling of if you are enjoying holiday on beach.

How to build backyard fire pitf

How to build backyard fire pit

Backyard space can be used in different ways; if you are still thinking to have gorgeous garden, get the significant reasons why to have it. A little hard work and few hours can get you the desired fir pit in backyard by following the below mentioned steps.

Tools and Materials:

How to build backyard fire pit0
Rake, trowel, stone bricks, cinder blacks, stone pavers and non-inflammable materials. You got to buy some of these supplies but still you can get some of tools from your store rooms. Make sure to have a first-aid box and gloves in order to prevent and cure any mishap.

Site Marking:

How to build backyard fire pit1

Yes, fir pit needs to be placed at a certain distance from any tree or plant and the house as well. Since, chairs and benches are going to be place around it, so better to keep that distance in mind. Now, decide the location where you want to install it. By marking digging can be done easily and all you need is a stick or any other easily accessible rod at home. Since the fire pit design is circular therefore, tie one end of string to the stick and other end to your wrist. If the total diameter of fire pit circle is 40 inches, then whole length of string must be of 20 inches. Now, mark the circle with spray by moving around it.

Dig the marked area:

How to build backyard fire pit2

Don’t worry, this is not going to destroy your lovely garden’s ground, is a rough excavation. Once the marking is done, Dig out the marked area few inches merely two to three inches. Now, remove the combustible materials i.e. grass roots or any raw material that could easily catch fire.

Placing stones:

How to build backyard fire pit3

After completing this task, start placing the stones on marked perimeter. After laying the first row of stones, placing second row and so on, till the desired height (10-15 inches) reached. Once the fire pit gets required height, fill it with sand and gravel to make bed or hard base for it so that fire would not be able to burn ground, or to avoid those dark black marks of carbon from burned wood. Moreover, decorating it from outside will give it more pleasing looks. Now, place a grate over it and roast marshmallow and fun!

How to build backyard fire pit5

Things to remember while building Fire pit:

  • While building permanent fire pit, keep in mind moving one brick out to provide the space for oxygen. Because, heightened fire pit leads lack of oxygen inside fire pit where wood burns.
  • While deciding the location of fire pit, know about the wind direction, because you would not appreciate if fire smoke goes into kitchen or room.
  • In some localities, there are different rules and regulations for making suck structure. Therefore, ask or discuss legal aspects with authorities.
  • Lip down the rows one by one with dirt and you can use pavers instead of these bricks. However, these bricks are made for building retaining walls. So, advantage is, fire pit will be strong and safe.

Backyard fire pit provides the amusing and comfortable location to a family. You can build a fire pit permanently or temporary in backyard area. Permanent fire pit needs more hard work, supplies and mortar and regular care. And this time if you are going to have a fire pit, build it yourself. Let us know more ideas and any recommendations with this backyard project and don’t forget to share it with pals.

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