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How You Can Prepare Your Home For Winter

How You Can Prepare Your Home For Winter

Fall is here!! With it come shorter days and sinking temperatures that give you a feeling to relax and curl up by the cozy fire. Winter brings in a lot of excitement and it lets you walk in utmost fashion. Gloves, scarves, and your favorite turtleneck sweater is all here to thwart the cold. As

How to Paint Furniture (Without leaving Brush Strokes)

Painting furniture is an art which requires patience and proper care. Like me, do you also love painting beautiful wooden pieces of your house.  I came across many obstacles, but my major question of concern was how to paint furniture.  How to paint furniture without leaving brush strokes Here, we provide you with a huge

Knowing Zen Interior Design Concept

It’s not a interior design concept but a way of living! A home should be calm, peaceful and spacious to let the energy flow freely without any restrictions. Now-a-days, life has become real sick, stressful and turbulent with no peace of mind and relaxation. That’s where the Zen interior design comes to tranquil not our