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12 Fun Facts About Toilet Seat That Smell (Sense) Good

12 Fun Facts About Toilet Seat That Smell (Sense) Good

One thing that we use daily but never give a thought about is the toilet. Interestingly, there are more things to know about your toilet than about the virus that causes you flu. Well, not literally! But yes, there are numerous things you don’t know about your toilet, which you should know; and there are

12 Facilities your Guest Room Must have for Better Hospitality in your Home Stays

Do you want to get more guests? Isn’t the time to do something different? Isn’t it’s time to start changing your Hotel services? Really, little tweaks can make a big difference! Meaning – if you’re providing some extra services to your guests such as (complimentary Wi-Fi, a spacious room with bathroom shower and access to