Contemporary and Modern House: Difference Matters

If you are an enthusiast home designer, then you must have heard these two words – ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Modern’. These terms are basically used to describe architecture, home interior, furniture and overall home style. The confusion between contemporary and modern interior designs rises up again and again with time. So, now it becomes extremely important to clarify the difference between both the art forms. Contemporary and modern house interior designs are not the two sides of the same coin. They don’t have anything common in them to prove that they are similar.

Contemporary and modern house11

Contemporary and modern house

Time Period:
• Modern Art: This is an art from around 1880 up until the 1970s.
• Contemporary art: Art from the 1970s until this present time.

Difference between modern and contemporary house:

1) The term ‘Modern’ in interior design refers to ‘Mid Century’ Modern art work. Modern designs are recognized by their defined styled and clean interiors. Use of natural materials such as – wood, teak, leather and linen are prominent. Modern interiors are generally referred these days by the term retro-inspired designs.

Contemporary and modern house1

Ok, what is ‘Contemporary Design’ then? Well contemporary design means ‘current existence, occurrence or living at the same time’. The designs that are popular or used in present scenario are contemporary. These designs are ever changing and borrow pieces and style from different eras. While building a contemporary home, comfort and sustainability are key focuses of the person who is constructing it.

2) It’s not easy to distinguish between Contemporary and Modern house designs. But, possible with continuous efforts. Modern artistic designs are represented by multiple styles such as – large windows create a sense of impressive space, steel and concrete materials are used for whitewash.

Contemporary and modern house2

Whereas, contemporary designs are related to modern approach and proved to be more forward thinking and innovative.

3) Modern art means the point at which artists feel free to trust their inner visions, express those emotions in their work, experimenting and innovating something creative with different subject matters.

Contemporary and modern house3

While, on the other hand, contemporary art means ‘art that has been and continues to be created during lifetime’.

For more clarification and better understanding, we present some basic features of both contemporary and modern house designs and also highlighted the slight differences between the two major styles.

1. Modern – Clean Interiors

Traditional designs usually seem to be full and give clumsy appearance. Modern styles, on the other hand are simple, beautiful and trying hard to break the old traditional house art plan.

Contemporary and modern house4

Today’s Contemporary – Wide Open Floor Plan

Kitchen merging with dining and living area is fully airy and comfortable for healthy survival. Contemporary house plans are admired for their spaciousness feature, so it’s to construct an open floor plan. Moreover, flooring has its own significance in home and for more detailed info, check out the types and care of various types of floooring.

2. Modern – Bold Lights

Natural light is used under modern designs to make interior spaces feel a bit large. High ceiling lights and large windows are quite common among them.

Contemporary and Modern House

Today’s Contemporary – Softened Elements

Contemporary style focuses more on the display of natural materials and home plan incorporates certain softened elements such as a curved ceiling.

3. Modern – Lined Architecture

Modern architecture is full of glass windows and walls, flat roofs and distinct or creative right angles. They add a whole new modern dimension to your sweet house.

Contemporary and modern house6

Today’s contemporary – Old but Significant Architecture

The work of contemporary art is easily notified by viewing solid walls covered in randomly space, flat roof and a boxy touch.

4. Modern – White Walls

Choosing white color for wall may sometimes look boring or prove to be wrong decision. But, in a modern home plan white walls are crisp, fresh, beauty personified and clean. White walls expand the modern space and are among stunning wall design options.

Contemporary and modern house7

Today’s Contemporary – Large Windows

Contemporary house style includes large windows which allow enough natural light come into a wide space. The outside natural light brightens up each and every small corner of a well-structured home. It’s correct to say here that outside views play a key role in the inside room’s color palette.

5. Modern – Plastic, Plywood and Polished Metal

Modern home decor includes all latest innovations that are stem from the industrial age in the form of modern furniture, household accessories and architectural details. For example – wood credenzas, iconic chairs of molded plastic and wooden table legs of polished metal.

Contemporary and modern house8

Today’s Contemporary – Only Concern Comfort

Contemporary style embraces stylish comfort. Contemporary home décor option includes – soft rugs or floor coverings, ultimate pillows and blankets and interesting artistic accessories.

6. Modern – Open Furniture

Modern furniture tends to be clean and simple with minimal adornment. Modern furniture lines give the entire space a feeling of airiness.

Contemporary and modern house9

Today’s Contemporary – Unique Forms

Unique objects are highlighted in a contemporary space such as – a glass table top or unique dining chair.

For a new house owner, it matters less whether a space is modern or contemporary, but more than it is a space where complete family can live happily. However, the differences between contemporary and modern house plan will resolve with time.

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