35 Recommended Country Kitchens with Ample Space

Undoubtedly, kitchens are the heart of today’s well-designed, furnished and highly equipped homes. Everybody prefers that their kitchen area should be clean and totally hygienic for having fresh and energetic feeling while preparing delicious yummy dishes for their family members, loved ones and friends.

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Country Kitchens

If you are planning to remodel your existing kitchen style or want to install a brand new one and looking for something more warm, cozy, welcoming and comfortable than the usual one, you can explore our wide new range of country kitchens designs, especially designed to meet your higher standards and requirements. Country styles are gaining much popularity from past few years because of their simple, cozy design style that doesn’t demand perfectly matched furniture. Country kitchen styles focuses on natural materials and fine craftsmanship in an effort to create a warm and comfortable kitchen space where guests will feel welcome and love to spend plenty of time. Appliances and accessories also act as important elements for country style kitchens. Moreover, if you have grown vegetables in backyard, you better know these smart hacks.

A country-kitchen should inspire a feeling of togetherness and we hope below mentioned some of our ideas will inspire those feelings in you.

Contemporary Country Kitchen:

Country Kitchens1

Country Kitchens2

Country Kitchens3

Contemporary kitchen design with natural wood cabinets shine like a marble piece. The lower portion of the island painted with light, muted green color looks amazing. An iron baker’s rack on the left wall side, topped with pottery and other decorative accents add more charm to this simple yet cozy design and ranks on top among other country kitchens style.

Crowd-Pleasing Country Kitchen:

Country Kitchens4

Country Kitchens5

Country Kitchens6

The style is quite impressive and is a bend of refurbished pieces and fresh paint. Warm beige paint color updates wood floors worn beyond repair.

• To complete this charming country design, add fresh floral fabrics, wicker accents and wall brackets beneath upper cabinetry.
• Lighting effects may be easy to overlook, but it helps this fabulous kitchen style stand out in the crowd.

French Country Kitchen Style:

Country Kitchens7

Country Kitchens8

Country Kitchens9

No French country style kitchen is complete without an imposing stone enclosure around the stove. The cabinets of these kitchens are painted in muted shades of beige and brown. An adjacent plank table with four antique style stools is a focal point and acts as both a breakfast area and an additional preparation area, whenever needed. Accents in a French kitchen include furniture like subtle carvings, pots made from copper and woven baskets.

Rustic Country Kitchen:

Country Kitchens10

Country Kitchens11

Country Kitchens12

Rustic kitchen style with a stone fireplace, distressed cabinetry and trim can simply rock the atmosphere of any type of house. The iron and crystal light fixtures placed above this spacious island are elegant accents.

• Adding colorful sink is a great way to pop a small amount of color in rustic country kitchens or make it more of a focal point by using the same hue in the background.

Traditional Country Kitchen:

Country Kitchens13

Country Kitchens14

Country Kitchens15

The traditional kitchen style features a big farmhouse sink and furniture-style cabinetry. It’s popular as the kitchen of the future. The wall of glass-font cabinets and two big windows over the sink help the kitchen feel airy. The concrete counter-tops and an island made from a refurnished farmhouse table add more to its country appeal.

Natural Wood Country Kitchen Style:

Country Kitchens16

Country Kitchens17

Country Kitchens18
When it comes to exploring tables and kitchens, natural wood styles generally seems to be the right approach for country kitchens.

• The three bright green distressed stools placed at the center of the kitchen add a bright pop of color.
• The patterns on the backslash and on the cushions are perfect for country style.

French Country Kitchen with Contemporary Flair:

Country Kitchens19

Country Kitchens20

Country Kitchens21

On each side of this kitchen area is layered stone walls that both visually separate the room from the others and add an element of rustic style. For contemporary touch, polished wooden cabinets with small pulls are matched with a muted blue vent hood.

Here are remaining country kitchens designs given below:

Country Kitchens22

Country Kitchens23

Country Kitchens24

Country Kitchens25

Country Kitchens26

Country Kitchens27

Country Kitchens28

Country Kitchens29

Country Kitchens30

Country Kitchens31

Country Kitchens32

Country Kitchens33

Country Kitchens34

Country Kitchens35

At last, country  kitchens style comes in several different variations depending on the geographical location, but the unique part is that the most different variants have similar elements of design. Let us know the kitchen designs you liked and got inspired.