8 Creative Ways To Make Your Home Cat-Friendly

Let’s learn how we can turn our home into a cat friendly beautiful place. It has been proved that cats that enjoy staying indoors live longer and healthier lifestyle. What could be the reason? It’s easily understood that they aren’t much exposed to outside dangers such as – animal abusers, traffic, kidnapping, predators and disease.


Creative ways to make your home cat-friendly

However, in order to keep them inside it’s important to compensate and enrich their lives with much needed material for mental and physical stimulation. Such as – hidden litter box, shedding brush, cat shelves, cat trees with lofty ornate structures, comfy garden chair, adorable pint-sized bows, etc. These are all creative ways to make your home cat-friendly. Before you move forward, adore these amazing little kittens photography. 


‘CATS ARE CUTE!’ Remember, your cat’s happiness is highly influenced by how you behave and what kind of facilities or lifestyle you offer…as environment means a lot to them. Here are ways you must follow to make your cat feel comfortable and secure at home!

Food Bowls:


Place food bowls in a very quiet and accessible place! Surprisingly, elderly cats and feline amputees are impressed with food bowls raised at high levels so that they don’t have to get down to floor level to eat food. For bowls, numerous stunning designs are available which will look stylish placed at your home.

Pet Fountain:


Considering pet fountain for the kitchen area is also a good choice whereas, other water bowls can be placed at different corners of the house. Make sure they are regularly washed and replaced with fresh eater. As many cats are allergic to dust and plastic, you can opt for stainless steel container.

Interactive Toys:


Toys and games are like a scratching board for your cat’s brain. Not only just to keep them busy, but also keep them smart and sharp. Cats occupied with interactive puzzles, beads game seems to be some of the creative ways to make your home cat-friendly.

Cat Caves:


Cats love to have a personal nook to hide in! So, if you want to make your home more cat-friendly…you must try to incorporate distinctive kind of cat caves. Cats love to have caves preferably in dark colors and where they can hide comfortably for long hours. If you are planning to get cat into your home, try to get big caves.

Create a Playground:


Well! Cat loves to keep an eye on the things going all around. To create a beautiful garden for your cat, you need to show a bit of creativity. You can make a small cat tree where cat can hide or relax, turn a book shelve into a climb area, make small tunnels for your cats to do whatever they want.

Get an Automatic Cat Feeder:


Now, you must be thinking how getting a cat feeder is useful and ranked among creative ways to make your home cat-friendly? Friends! This may happen with you when you are not around or late to feed your cat, in such circumstances automatic cat feeder installed with a timer serve the food to your cat and she will be happier. If you’re low on budget, many cheaper cat feeders are available in market!

Cat Hammocks:


Like human beings, cat also get tired and after a long day of hard work, you cat is going to take a short nap to relax her body and to feel fresh. Get a hammock which can easily be placed under a side table and moreover your cat gets a fun place to hang out freely.

Windows to the Outside World:


Cats feel it’s like an honor to have smaller windows in darker rooms. They need windows to see the outside view, to see the garden area and the street outside. To make your cat feel safer, you can place potted house plants near the window.

Friends! It’s up to your imagination that how you utilize above highlighted creative ways to make your home cat-friendly. You need to ensure at every step that cat remains happy and healthy as much as possible. Start by improving the environment where you would place the cat. It’s your sole responsibility as an owner of that pet.

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