Did You Know About The Different Home Decor Styles ?

We all have some sort of style and we love to personalize it, right! Just like our apparel, home decor is simply an extension of personal style. But today, it can really be overwhelming, figuring out what you like and what works best in home decor, agree? That is why we’ve created this post to help you identify your own personal home decor style and the ways that could possibly recreate that vibe in your own space.

Different Home Decor Styles

Well! Decorating becomes a simpler task when we know what we like most and are able to categorize it accordingly. Friends! This summer season, if you want to give your sweet home a more cohesive and polished look, don’t you dare forget to check out this guide including different home decor styles. Make your home decor look individual and unique with these ideas.

Industrial Style:

Different Home Decor Styles1

As the name implies, Industrial style draws inspiration from a ware house or a loft. The style reminds us about high ceilings, old timber and metal light fixtures with functional furniture. An interesting point to note here is that industrial decor ranges from modern-rustic with cleaner lines to vintage interior with elaborate ornamentations.

Modern Style:

Different Home Decor Styles2

Modern style is a fusion of various opposing and complementary elements. This year, feel free to introduce trailblazing modern furniture designs into your home decor. Try adding some elegant geometric designs or vintage items with traditional embellishments and use materials that include metal, glass and steel to raise the standard of your decor.

Rustic Style:

Different Home Decor Styles3

Rustic style originates from the organic elements such as – raw and unfinished materials including wood and stone. Interestingly, the rustic items/pieces seem to be re-purposed and reused with modern furnishings and accessories. Among different home decor styles, the rustic style is one that incorporates accessories form the outdoors as well.

Traditional Style:

Different Home Decor Styles4

Wow, the traditional style is all about warmth, comfort and familiarity. Never cluttered or standoffish or stark, traditional style brings many world together. The elements that contribute to traditional decorating are calm colors, furniture with classic lines, ornate details and emphasis on symmetry.


Different Home Decor Styles5

You must have heard about the concept of present, the here and now? But, the great news is that contemporary style is based on this. It ranks among top different home decor styles because it’s neither warm and fuzzy, nor cold and harsh. Contemporary interiors are full of curved lines, bright colors and funky patterns. If you want to make your home an artistic piece of art, then go for a contemporary styling.

Minimalist Style:

Different Home Decor Styles6

This style is defined in terms of functionality and ultra-clean lines. It takes notions of modern design and embraces the aesthetic of simplicity elements. Here, the color palettes are airy and neutral, furnishings are captivating and streamlined and nothing looks overdone in accessories or decor.

Vintage Style:

Different Home Decor Styles7

Vintage chic style is considered to be too old. The style is typically associated with pieces form a particular era that have withstood with the test of time. Yes! Anything that’s old for more than 100 years is viewed as an antique item and will surely cost you more. Lastly, a vintage style incorporates collected pieces and items that bring individual pleasure to many.

Aren’t many of us pursue home decor magazines, books, websites, and blogs and like much of what we see there….but let me tell you friends! When it comes to decorating your own homes, we bet this post is a right way to turn up! These different home decor styles are a sure short way to make your home look beautiful. For instance – if your style is traditional, then most of your interiors needs to be highly weighted on the traditional style only!!

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