35 Cool DIY Wall Art Ideas for Blank Walls

Walls give a spectacular look to any house! Today, we thought to provide you some cool wall decorations idea in this post that you may find interesting to try for your new house or newly painted walls. How many of you think blank walls look sad and lonely? Wanted to brighten up your living room? Yeah…if you’re looking for something innovative to hang on your walls or DIY wall art ideas for blank walls, we hope you may find something creative to try from this list. It’s all about decorating so you must check out DIY miniature terrarium ideas. 


DIY wall art ideas for blank walls



The DIY art ideas mentioned here are quite simple and pretty inexpensive. Friends! Let us tell you – blank walls look like blank canvases, waiting to be filled with awesome paintings stuff, photographs, vintage clock and works of art. Now, you must be wondering why we recommend such ideas. It’s because they don’t really require much attention and your kids will surely enjoy getting their hands dipped in paint, isn’t it! Be ready to get crafty with these 7 simple DIY ideas to decorate an otherwise boring wall!

Drip Painting:




Do you want to give the interior of your house a rich and lavishing look? Then, you should definitely give a try to DIY drip painting project…! It’s easy to try and the results are outstanding. You can even get them framed to achieve a cultured art gallery look. After all…FRAMES add a touch of elegance to the entire concept.

Wood Slice Artwork:




My fellow friends! This ultimate DIY wall art idea for blank walls requires a bit of skill and some patience. It’s true – wood instantly adds warmth to any space you choose and if you want to get it for your home or office that is draped in concrete and glass, this is the perfect way to create the best contrast….GOT IT! Adding few pieces of wooden branches make your wooden slice installations look fabulous.

Heart with Photo Prints:




We all usually have small or big heart pieces or materials at home, isn’t it! To make it an outstanding wall hanging, simply click a few smart images from your phone or download few cool types of wallpaper and get them printed on your heart. Hang a ribbon from center and nail it on your living room wall…making it a focal point. Why don’t you loot at these creative ways to display photos at home. 

Framed Photos Vintage Clock:




Old is Gold! Why not give your old vintage clock a new look? With the rise in the use of Smartphone’s and tablets, now it’s easy to create a collage of your favorite photographs, right! Change the look of your vintage clock by highlighting your favorite snaps. Personal and fully functional, it’s among great DIY wall art ideas for blank walls.

Abstract Digital Photographs:




If you are the one blessed with great painting skills and are very much familiar with the techniques related to the mixing of colors, then you can easily create stylish and attractive wall art. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to join on the trend in a cost-effective way, DIY fashion? Collect all bright colored photographs create a lovely collage and breathe a new lease of life into the available space.

Coffee Stirrer Wall Art:




Isn’t this true – we all usually throw unused coffee stirrers away in the bin? But, not anymore dear friends! You need to save up every coffee stirrer to achieve this easy art idea. Along with this, grab a small wooden frame and few colors you love most….you will find others will always adorn the walls of your home.

Buttons on Wooden Panel:



We are quite sure that sewing is not an easy task for everyone, but this cute wall art DIY that involves buttons will surely win your heart. Make sure you place buttons in a right pattern on the wooden panel to achieve an outstanding wall hanging!












Thus, we assure all these superb DIY wall art ideas for blank walls will definitely add the right dose of personality your home needs! Keep loving your home and decor it, nurture it with love!