40 Best Easter Crafts Decoration Ideas to make

Isn’t it, Easter is a great time to spend time with family and friends. It’s a popular festival of warmer weather, gorgeous spring colors and loads of decorations. Friends! This time, if you want something simple for your kids, so that they can enjoy most with you or if you’re looking for a bit more complicated project, then the ideas mentioned below will surely win your heart as Easter is the perfect time to make creative Easter treats and decorations.

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Easter Crafts Decoration Ideas

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Interestingly, these Easter craft decoration ideas, offer the perfect excuse to turn your home into an Easter Bunny Paradise or marvelous party place. We bet between the delicious edible treats and precious table art patterns, these crafts will definitely be a hit this Easter Holiday. Here, we provide 8 different craft ideas that are fun and impressive! If it’s about crafts, you better practice your hands on these easy craft ideas. 

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Yellow Daisy Candleholders:

Easter decorations aren’t just about eggs and bunnies! Are you looking for a pretty table display? Then, wrap a rubber band around a votive holder and tuck in a brightly colored marguerite daisy flower. After this, place in a small fish with water. Finally, march a line of these down the center of a table or place one near each sitting. Moreover, you can craft paper lamp designs for more fun. 

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Paper Egg Centerpiece:

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Easter centerpiece that’s really cute in look, then simply cut out a few Easter egg shapes from construction paper and decorate it a unique way using multi-colored ribbons, markers and stickers. Also, hang few eggs from a collection of pussy willow branches in a small vase or bucket.

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Crepe Paper Carrots:

Looking for a unique idea to add a bit of Easter touch all around your home, what can be more impactful than creating little crepe paper carrots. This project ranks among wonderful springtime Easter craft decoration ideas and you can make them in multi colors so that they match nicely with your plastic bags. Use these carrots to hide surprises for the Kid’s Easter Party.

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Yarn Wrapped Easter Wreath:

Kids love creating this! Allow your kids to choose the color of yarn and start by marking the different areas on the wreath form. To secure the yarn ends before and after wrapping, use hot glue. When wrapping is finished, hot-glue beautiful spring elements such as – faux flowers for accents and hang it on your entrance gate.

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Framed Easter Postcard:

Turn a simple postcard into interesting seasonally sweet artwork. Look for vintage Easter POSTCARDS as one of the cutest Easter craft decoration ideas. Stick them to decorative paper and get them framed. Then, attach a colorful ribbon or string of beads to hang with style.

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Paper Bag Flowers:

Creating personalized flowers from old paper bags is easy. You just need to trace the template onto the bag, cut and then fold to create the flowers. This project is least expensive and even cost you nothing if you already have few bags ready to use.

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Bunny Garland:

Enjoy creating bunny garland with just a bit of cutting and use cotton balls for the tail. Just copy the basic shape of the bunny and you can cut it out of construction paper or anything you want to make your garland from. Attach a long string to hang.

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Faux Bird’s Nest:

This craft idea can successfully be achieved in less than an hour. You can turn aluminum foil, tree bark, Spanish moss and sphagnum moss into a realistic bird’s nest and fill it with attractively painted robin’s eggs or Eater treats. After this, sprinkle glitter over the eggs for a sparkling polka dot effect.

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Friends! Whether you like stenciling, glitter or if you really prefer the vinegar based dyes to decorate eggs when you are with your kid for Easter crafts decoration ideas, doesn’t matter at all! These Easter craft decoration ideas are easy to try and they may really blow your mind. Moreover, Kid’s creativity is amazing, so this time give them a chance to express their interesting craft ideas to make it more special occasion.

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