12 Facilities your Guest Room Must have for Better Hospitality in your Home Stays

Do you want to get more guests? Isn’t the time to do something different? Isn’t it’s time to start changing your Hotel services? Really, little tweaks can make a big difference! Meaning – if you’re providing some extra services to your guests such as (complimentary Wi-Fi, a spacious room with bathroom shower and access to TV facilities), in return don’t charge huge amount from them.Well! You can also check out some home expert’s recommendations regarding facilities your guest room must have, so that your friends and family have a better stay.


Facilities Your Guest Room Must Have

Following is a list of simple and not so simple ideas to attract travelers and offer them a great opportunity to stay at your hotel for maximum days.

All-Day Breakfast:

Many guest rooms offer simple complimentary continental breakfasts to their guests for fixed period of time. You can take this one step ahead by making breakfast available till afternoon.

Free High Speed Wireless Internet Connection:

In today’s modernized age where everyone needs to be connected all time, offering free Wi-Fi to your guests is no longer a luxury –it’s a necessity. So, go for a tiered-data model, where you can offer a free low bandwidth option and a broadband data plan with a small charge.

Word Desk or Lap Desk:

Provide a standardized word desk, where guests can work on their computers or review confidential documents. If possible, provide a lap desk as well if they want to work while lying on the bed.

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Luggage Forwarding:

One of the top facilities your guest room must have that can make your guest feel special is offering a luggage forwarding service. Your guests can travel worry-free and go long way without carrying their non-essential belongings with everywhere they go.

Rental Clothing:

Sometimes, guests may require clothing for an occasion they didn’t planned for. If you offer a temporary closet to such guests so that they can attend the social events or special occasions freely without worrying about their appearance, then it’s a plus point for you.

Pick-Up/ Drop-Off Service:

It’s great! Offer a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service to your guests. Creating a regular shuttle for your guests help them to plan accordingly.

Free Parking:

Usually, guest either bring their own car or rent a car when they travel. To avoid overburdening them with parking charges, offering free parking gives guest a compelling reason to stay at your place for next visit as well.

Options for Pillows:

Good pillows are important for a good sleep at night! So, when it comes to pillows – offering options (such as soft, too soft and not too firm) to guests is a great plus point.

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The ambience of the guest room property has a major impact on a traveler’s first impressions. Remember, some guests are often sensitive to hotel “signature” scents or stale smells from carpets and washrooms, which puts a big question mark on the quality and cleanliness of the guest room.

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Long List of TV Channels:

Looking for top facilities your guest room must have? How can one forget providing a variety of entertainment option? If you’re planning to invest in hi-def, flat screen TV’s, be sure to offer a huge number of channels.

Adequate Safety:

For many, a good guest room is like a home away from home. So, focus on providing personalized safety and security measures to different guest profiles such as women, children and elders.

Let the Guest Feel in charge:

The guest should always feel in command and not dictated to. Hotel staff should never presume the guest’s taste, instead ask questions, give options and let the guest decide.

By recognizing your guest needs, the facilities your guest room must have and fine tuning your hotel offerings, you’ll be able to tangibly improve your overall guest experience – resulting in positive reviews, return visits and ultimately higher profits. Besides this, more and more positive live updates from guests about their hotel experiences on social media also help you achieve rewards and that might be your true aim.

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