12 Fun Facts About Toilet Seat That Smell (Sense) Good

One thing that we use daily but never give a thought about is the toilet. Interestingly, there are more things to know about your toilet than about the virus that causes you flu. Well, not literally! But yes, there are numerous things you don’t know about your toilet, which you should know; and there are hundreds of fun facts about toilet seat. If you are a curious and inquisitive soul, then you probably can’t wait to know what these facts are. Well, even we don’t want you to wait more. So, here are 12 astonishing facts you must know about your toilet, the toilet seat and all things related to toilet. Read on-

Fun Facts About Toilet Seat

The flush story

When you flush for a single time, it’s about 16 litres of water that you waste. Now, defecating costs a lot of water. Did you ever look at it this way? Probably not! Recent toilet designs, however, aim at being economic in this regard.

Looking for the cleanest toilet?

When you are in a public toilet, try to use the first cubicle in the row. According to studies, it’s the least used toilet, and hence, possibly the cleanest of all.

Toilet paper secret

Are you under the impression that toilet paper is an invention of the west? Well, correct yourself. Toilet paper is believed to have originated in the 16th century China.

Powerful germs

When you flush the toilet, the germs can move up to six feet vertically above the toilet seat, and get spread in the air. So, you must vacate the toilet as soon as you have flushed.

Urine magic

So, you hate it when you spot urine spread on the toilet seat. But did you know urine acts as a sterile liquid on the toilet seat? Surprising but true!

Old is gold

The oldest toilet that’s still in use is in Knossos in Greece, which is located in a small castle. And you thought the toilet in your granny’s place is the oldest!

Watch your chopping board

There are 200% more faecal bacteria on your chopping board than on the toilet seat. Well, think twice before you keep the chopping board unwashed after use. This could very well be the reason behind its being germ clad.

Like really?

About 20% people across the world don’t wash their hands after they use the toilet. And a lot of others don’t use soap while washing their hands post defecation. Gross!

Tv freaks

Although there are numerous fun facts about toilet seat and toilet, you will be surprised to know this one. There are more television sets in Afghanistan than there are toilets.

He and she toilets

The trend for separate male and female toilets began in Paris in 1739. Isn’t this one of those fun facts about toilet seat or toilet, you always wanted to know?

That Unbelievable!

An average person uses the toilet for around 2500 times a year. That means if a person lives for 80 years, he spends around 13 months of it sitting on the toilet seat.

The white house story

There are a total of 35 toilets and bathrooms in the white house. So, this makes us think how varied the options for toilets must be for the US first family.

These are definitely some of the most interesting and fun facts about toilet seat, and the toilet as a whole. So, the next time you see your toilet seat, you might look at it differently. After all, you now know a lot of amazing facts about it.

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