12 Latest Technology Gadgets For Your Smart Home

Have you ever thought of turning your home into a smart home? Won’t you love switching off the lights of your home even after you have left for the office? Or how this will work for you – to turn the air conditioning on before you get home from hectic work schedule? With the advancement in technology, now the future is on our fingertips, friends! With user-friendly and affordable home automation services, one can easily control the home security systems from anywhere in the world using a tablet or a smart phone. You can even turn your regular appliances ‘smarter’.

Gadgets For Your Smart Home13

Gadgets for your smart home

Do you know cool gadgets are adorning every home that has changed people’s lifestyle! Gadgets for your smart home easily blend into your normal life – making things simpler and smarter, rather than getting in the way. The gadgets are not just fancy show pieces; they provide quick solutions to everyday problems, isn’t it? Check list providing most promising, easy to use and secure gadgets!

Remote Control Thermostat:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home1

Now, with advanced services it’s in your hands to decide that what will be the temperature in your house and in all other rooms before you arrive at home isn’t this sound interesting? You can easily use this one of the smart gadgets for your smart home when you are far away from your home.

Smart Lock:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home2

Why smart locks? Just because of security reasons. You can set pin codes for visiting family members and smart locks can be triggered from your phone to open the door.

Parrot Pot:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home3

If you have killed too many houseplants, this parrot pot accessory comes with a hidden ceramic pot that holds two liters of water and whenever required releases it through four water spouts.

Wireless Light Led Bulbs:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home4

Lightning at home has become more convenient with the help of a mobile app through a Wi-Fi bridge. You can turn the high-quality energy saving on or off remotely or with your phone or tablet.

Smart Faucet:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home5

Water is precious!! You can save water with this innovative technology and help to conserve water resources. Smart faucet is purely hygienic, well suited for children, elders and the disabled.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home6

Now, stop wasting time doing cleaning! This amazing gadget will make cleaning quite easier for you. The robotic vacuum cleaner can clean small areas of dirt within few minutes. So, what are you waiting for…just switch on the cleaner and see the magic. Moreover, it becomes much harder to keep dry and clean house in rainy season but by following these ways you can do it with ease. 

D-vine Decanter:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home7

How is it possible that by inserting a tube filled with wine, you can decant your wine perfectly. But, D-VINE serves you a glass at the right temperature.

Interactive Monitoring Devices:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home8

As soon as some motion is detected into your house, you will instantly receive a photo on your smart phone or tablet of the person who has come in with this advanced interactive device. You should be thankful to its night long term vision capability. It’s among cool gadgets for your smart home.

Ring Video Doorbell:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home9

Have you ever imagined the perfect front door in your home? So, now your dream comes true with the ring video doorbell. It’s a small ringer with a camera installed in it which is connected with your phone and allows you to see who is outside the house.

Shower Meter:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home10

This smart gadget does not require any battery or electricity to run isn’t it something unique! It fulfills the purpose of displaying real-time information of the water temperature and volume of water used.

Book light:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home11

Are you in a habit of reading books before you hit the bed? Book light is an integrated LED Light that provides discreet lighting to suit your reading needs. You can adjust its brightness and viewing angles as per your need.

Eco Dish Cleaner:

Gadgets For Your Smart Home12

It’s an eco-friendly gadget that provides healthy soil for your plants from your waste food materials. Eco dish cleaner is among portable and compact gadgets for your smart home meeting the demands of a modern life.

So, friends! Whatever you choose, don’t forget that it’s still the early days of the smart gadgets for your smart home. Just enjoy what they can do, but don’t be surprised if everything changes instantly. Drop us a comment and let us know your recommended gadgets you want to add here.