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We all love to give our house a new look and this as we all know comes under interior designing. There are varied ways to make our interior look splendid. These include the ethnic, traditional or follow any out of the way stylish look. Apart from the furniture any change in the flooring, the accessories or any other kind of furnishing gives a total different look in the room.

Now what is green interior design concept and why do we implement it?

Green Interior Design Concept

Green interior design concept is also known as the sustainable design can be implemented since the whole process is morally and principally right. It is considered to be ethical since it is rationally ok so that the environment can be saved. However, if watched carefully, then the concept of the green interior design is not concerned about the environment, but it speaks about the products which are non-toxic, well maintained or can be easily recycled. This is no way near to the environment instead the designers are only concerned about whether the material which is used in making the couches of other furniture comes with a background of the forest which has been maintained or the furniture consists by products of carbon. Hence the concept is certainly contradictory.

green interior design concept1

However LEED which is also known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design came in being in 1988, which is recognized by the US Green Building came up with the concept which talks about some vital things and can help in the conservation of the environment.

Save energy
– This can easily be done if we are careful about the reducing the bills of electricity. Electricity id built with by burning the non-renewable fossil fuels. Go green can be started by reducing the wastage of electricity, which in turn is going to protect the natural elements present.

Reduced Carbon dioxide
– The Green interior design concept can be given a shape by supplementing the machines which takes up more energy and the emission of carbon dioxide can be easily reduced if people are conscious about not using the chemicals which gives rise to carbon dioxide. According to LEED it is very important for men to be careful about their lifestyle and keep up to the oath that one should not be doing anything that turns out to be harmful for the others living around.

Better Indoor air circulation
– You can do better by stepping against pollution and stop using things which in turn harms the nature. By that one should be carious enough in not using the things and elements to furnish house which can disturb the natural balance. This includes furnishings, flooring,paint and furniture also. One should consciously use the supplement of the products which replaces the toxicity that is being constantly emitted by the things which are used to decorate our house. One should really be conscious, which gives rise to fatal effects that a person can face and that include cancer and reproductive problems. And don’t forget to add some plants to purify the air. 

green interior design concept2

Conserving water
– This is once again the vital point that needs to be checked and this is essential one and no person can exist without them. If not than not only it is a loss for us, it also will stop the total irrigation process and this would lead one to another dire occasion.

Hence if we are talking about the term of going green or the Green interior design conceptit actually means that we should be more carefulin using the elements of nature and more preciously we should not hamper the balance of nature.

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