Heaven is nowhere, but home!

Either you are in a five star hotel or enjoying picnic with friends, nothing is better than when you are home and laying down on bed or sofa and making memorable moments with family. House is just a structure made up of bricks and stone but in order to make it a home, healthy and happy relationship and its beauty can do the best. Home is where you make memories and live your dream. You might have heard people saying heaven is nowhere but home, well it’s true and indeed those who say this must have felt it and lived it. Let’s know what exactly makes a house livable.

Heaven is nowhere, but home

Undoubtedly, your beautiful nest is inescapable and has the best interior to make you feel happy and certainly to impress friends and neighbor. Gorgeous walls and elegant colors of interior can amaze anyone and hypnotize for a while. But for the above mentioned statement of making a house heaven costs all family members.

It’s colors affect mood:

Heaven is nowhere but home1

It’s been scientifically proved that colors do affect some certain area of our mind once we see them. For instance, when you see the white and light color of walls around you it gives the feeling of relaxing comfort and indeed an eye catchy looks. Kids’ room, hall and bedroom with different beautiful colors keep family member motivated and happy so the every time they see, feel blessed of being in that house.

It’s where you see upbringings:

Heaven is nowhere but home2

Isn’t feel overwhelming to know someone’s childhood days and upbringings? Let’s just remember your childhood days, when you were just five and had lived doing silly naughtiness and lovable plays with pals. Same exactly could happen and you can make it happen just by making kids’ room decorated with their favorite characters or their dream they want to be in future.

It’s where you learn:

Heaven is nowhere but home3

Well, this is not just about the kids but parents as well. A newly married couple shifted to new apartment needs some time to adjust, to get used to the new house but as the time passes by, they start making memories and emotional attachment with the new home. After some time, their newborn’s laughter and roar of crying and much more complete the home. In fact our first education belongs to our family, our parents, kids’ first school is always a home. We experience life’s up and down and later on when we go to flash back and remind those days of struggle, graciously thank to almighty to teach those lessons of life and our spouse for their support and love.

It’s where you party hard:

Heaven is nowhere but home4

Yes, even though you had enjoyed many occasions and functions outside the home but most of the time parties held at home, yes, since your childhood days, either it’s Easter, Christmas or even your first birthday celebration it happened at home with family members. Don’t you find it fascinating and amazing, do you?

It’s where you live downhearted moments:

Heaven is nowhere but home5

Life goes up and down, world might recognize you as humorous personality or the energetic one but still life has also its another side and when you get spanked and downhearted in life, it’s home where you’d prefer to go and get uplifted again. Either it’s your low grades in exams, lost match in school tournament, could not perform on stage or even if could not be selected in interview, anything and everything you tried. The only place where you get that boost up charge, fuel which gives you the kick start is home.

It’s where you create yourself, craft yourself and live yourself:

Heaven is nowhere but home6

From making food in kitchen to thrilling sound of bathroom singing, playing in backyards to preparing for exams, everything belongs to this place. Every remote corner of the house has its own significance in your life, who knows where you would get your birthday gift or surprise from spouse. Yes. This is the place where you decorate bedroom for wife/husband, this is where you enjoy Halloween parties and indeed this is where you, actually anyone would love to take his/her last breath.

People always appreciate an amusing house but the fact is even a luxurious house does not worth living if family or people living here do not care or love where they live. Many people daydream for a perfect house to live so that they actually have their heaven on earth. It does not matter how much expensive the furniture or interior is, in the end what matters is how you treat your heaven, how you worship here, how you love here and how you live here. Above mentioned reasons are not enough to signify the title,’heaven is nowhere, but home’ this post has much more to say but will be incomplete without your views and suggestions. And make sure to drop us your valuable and experienced moments in home and suggestions as well in comment section.

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