Housewife or Homemaker- What’d You Call Yourself ?

We have defined terms for each of the profession. In the same context, we also have the term ‘housewife’ for the woman handling all the home chores and family. There is also another term called ‘homemaker’ that can replace ‘housewife’ term. Both the terms Housewife or homemaker are no doubt can be used interchangeably. But, there is a thin difference between both the terms that can make huge wall among them. Let us explore the meaning of both the terms and decide which term fits the best.  After thinking about all those differences we can find a conclusion.

housewife or homemaker

Housewife or Homemaker

House and home are different places:

While discussing the terms Housewife or homemaker we need to focus on half of the terms that are house and home. Do you know how home differs from houses? Houses are the infrastructure made up of bricks, stones or wood. It takes a lot of emotions to turn this house into a home. House can be changed but home is the one place that can never be changed or replaced ever. Thus, home is very close to heart than a house of course.

Housewife refers to a woman:
Word ‘wife’ refers to a woman and thus ‘housewife’ is the woman of the house. It is same as the terms we use for different professions. For example, we designate a woman helping in the childbirth as ‘midwife’ and a woman who sells fish called as ‘fishwife’.

It is not proper to call the woman who turns the house into a home with her love and emotions just a woman of the house. This woman is better called a homemaker as she is the one who creates heaven on the earth called ‘home’. This homemaker is the one who gives you most comfortable and cozy place to live refer as ‘home’.

Value the woman who puts all her efforts for you:

It takes a lot of effort to keep the home intact with love and care. A woman in the house has to bind all family members with her love. For all such efforts, she puts there is negligible reward she gets in turn. It can be a great reward to name her ‘homemaker’ rather than ‘housewife’. A woman spending her whole day in well being of each member of the house and maintaining harmony between the family and chores is truly a homemaker and yes it is the toughest job.

Change in attitude:

There are a lot of chances that people may change their attitude towards the lady taking care of her home and family as a full-time job if they are referred as ‘homemaker’ rather than ‘housewife’. Both the terms shows numerous responsibilities the woman has to take care of. Dictionary meaning of housewife is the married woman who has the main task of taking care of her house and family.

It is assumed that housewife is the woman who does not contribute to the economy. But if compare and deep think on her responsibilities, we can see how she manages the wealth and health of the family indirectly raising the economy of family. Thus between the terms Housewife or homemaker, homemaker gets a more positive attitude.

After discussing all the aspects behind the terms Housewife or homemaker, a woman caring her family and home as a full-time job should be called a homemaker rather than a housewife. It is all about the respect to the profession she chose by keeping her family on top priority. We would thus like to call ourselves a homemaker who binds the family, care for them and have no other job than a loving family.

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