How To Design The Study Room To Make It More Productive (Ten Tips)

The study room is an essential part of our home where we used to spend quite a good amount of time, especially during our exams. It should incorporate all those features required. Be it well ventilation or proper lighting to effectively conduct one’s studies and perform well in the exams. How to design the study room has always been a key concern for the students. As a matter of fact, successfully design the study room boosts the concentration, creativity and motivation for studies. Here are the tips are given on how to design the study room, according to the need and for the achievement of the study goals.

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How To Design The Study Room

Decent Lighting:

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Proper lighting in a study room is necessary. The room should neither have less amount of lights nor it should have too harsh light as both will create a difficulty in maintaining the concentration. Prefer white over the coloured light source. Windows can be a good source of natural light in the room, but don’t place your study table too close to it because you may face problems from outside weather and other distractions. Use study lamp at your study time. There’re more fascinating ideas to decorate your room. 

Select modest colour:

How To Design The Study Room 2

The colour of the wall has a great psychological effect on our mind. Bright colours are generally found to increase the analytical and evaluative thinking. One should try using white, light blue, subtle green, grey and peach on the walls.

Add a touch of your personality:

How To Design The Study Room 3

Place your favourite goodies in the room as it will lower down your stress level. Keep a clock on the table as it will be useful. Green plants bring freshness and calmness inside this place.

Bookshelf and the other essential furniture:

How To Design The Study Room 4

Bookshelf should sufficient space to enclose all your study related stuff. Do not cover the room with unnecessary furniture and other stuff. Fix the drawers at the ideal location on the walls for getting the stuff easily.

Include a resting space:

How To Design The Study Room 5

It’s very important to take small breaks when you study for long hours. You can listen to good music, plays games such as chess or take a short nap. A big comfortable couch or lounge can give you the place to relax during the break time.

Wisely select the study table and chair:

How To Design The Study Room 6

The chair and table are the places where you spend most of your time. Selection of right chair and table will make you more productive. The chair should be comfortable and helps you to maintain a right posture while studying. The table’s height should match the height accordingly. No worries if you got no so space as it’s easy to set the small space furniture arrangements. 

Organise your table:

How To Design The Study Room 7

A well organises table is helpful in finding anything you need. The table should contain all the essential things such as books, notebooks, pens, etc. Arrange the books in the corners and pens in pen stand. Not only desk organise all your study related files in the laptop at one location. Also, cleaning the desk at regular intervals.

Remove all the distractions:

How To Design The Study Room 8

Things such as mobile phones, iPad, video games, etc. should keep away from the study space. One should avoid using social networking sites while using the internet.


How To Design The Study Room 9

Supplies such as pencil, erasers, calculator, dictionaries, etc. should always available at the right place before you began your study session. Laptops and computers have also become necessary equipment of study nowadays.

Fill the vacant spaces:

How To Design The Study Room 10

Place beautiful landscape picture or motivational quotes on the vacant space of the walls. These things will energise you for the accomplishment of the goal.

This was all inhow to design the study room to increase your productivity. Hope you have liked it. Do share your views with us in the comment box.

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