How to Keep Your Home Smell Wonderful: 7 ways

Even though you keep your house neat and clean but what about the ambiance of it? It is said that your energy and aura goes first, physical character later. However, in order to keep a home smell fresh and good, there are plenty of products in market but why to opt synthetic and chemicals to get the fresh feel? Have not you ever thought of kicking such candles and scents out of house? If yes, then do it now! This post presents best natural ways to make your home smell wonderful. Don’t let the chemicals and toxic scents pollute your home!

How to keep your home smell wonderful8

How to keep your home smell wonderful

It does not make any sense to tell anyone the reasons of making a home smell fresh and cool. Well, a garden does this best but still there are more reasons to have home garden. You might have done with various ways but by following the natural ways you are going to have healthy and fresh air in home.

Natural Scent: Flowers

How to keep your home smell wonderful1

No wonder, flowers are inescapable when it comes to decorate, gift, greet, or even if you purpose your partner, nothing is better than these natural gifts. And, yes, once you get the flower pot or even a small garden in your home, oxygen enrich fresh air will not purify it only but pour down the natural scent in air. But make sure to keep windows open.

Olive Oil Candle:

How to keep your home smell wonderful2

This is the simplest natural way of making your home smell fresh for a long time. Besides that having a light source is much fun and beneficial, in case there is power cut in your area or if deciding to have candle light dinner.


How to keep your home smell wonderful3

Lemon, rose, lavender, jasmine, mint, orange and rosemary, mixture of these dried natural flowers and leaves can surely make your house smell spell binding. Make sure, you place the bowl in such a way that it enhances the decoration and gives the pleasant scent.

Coffee Candles:

How to keep your home smell wonderful4

A fresh morning starts from pleasant smell of coffee, isn’t ? What about having this wonderful smell for a whole day? Grind some coffee beans to make soy wax candles and it’s done! Coffee smells decent and will spread in the air slowly slowly.

Get the Herb Sachets:

How to keep your home smell wonderful5

Why not to try with cotton clothes, dried herbs, flowers and leaves? In order to make clothes smell good, actually giving them a natural fantastic smell put the sachets in drawers or put this to your wardrobe. That will surely give the real adorable smell to your dresses and clothes. One tip- once your friends smell this scent they will surely grab your dress, so better to hide them!

Natural room scent:

how to keep your home smell wonderful

Why to stick with old fashioned way, why to use chemically toxic room fresheners spray while we can have great natural room scent. Even though your room freshener smells wonderful but it’ the fact that every nose has its own likes. But natural room scent can do it best for any nose! Tweak and customize to suit what suits room, air and nose as well.  Orange studded with many cloves is fun and fantastic at the same time.

Bake or Cook something tasty:

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Have you ever noticed that once or twice in day you actually make room smell fresh and healthy? Every time you bake cookies, make cake or coffee, smell from kitchen unroll into rest of house. Therefore, by baking and cooking all-time favorite dishes you are making home smell wonderful and of course that tasty!

How to keep your home smell wonderful9

These ideas will surely give you the feeling of living in garden and keep you fresh and happy all the time. Of course, cool and calm scent can change your mood from down to up. Happy and healthy home at the same time and that’s how a home can transform into heaven. Feel free to share your ideas and natural ways of keeping home smell wonderful. Let’s keep home happy and healthy!

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