Thats’s how You can make your home Eco-friendly (Ten ways)

Do you want to reduce your home’s negative impact on the planet ‘earth’ though it requires a huge amount of hard work? If you think large solar panels and temperature-regulating walls are the only ways to help your household atmosphere adopt more eco-friendly practices, then you’re wrong. There are tons of easy, creative and fun ways to make your home eco-friendly! In fact, the good news is that every single human being can contribute and make a difference by implementing a few simple techniques into their daily life.

Make your home Eco-friendly

If you’re scared of following eco-friendly steps at home as they seem difficult, expensive and daunting, then fret no more. Today in this post, we suggest 10 easy ways for a greener home and family.

Use Rechargeable Batteries!

make your home Eco-friendly1

Rechargeable batteries are a better alternative than disposable batteries! But it’s important to choose the right one and should be completely disposed after use! You can go for rechargeable alkaline batteries which are least expensive. Nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries are also a good choice!

Reduce Waste Through Recycling!

make your home Eco-friendly2

Friends! Recycling is one of the easiest ways to reduce your overall waste. The recycling process, not only reduces the use of plastic objects, however, it’s quite helpful in bringing the carbon footprints down to a manageable level.

Improve Indoor Air Quality!

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To make your home eco-friendly and to stay healthy, it’s necessary to see that the air which flows through our lungs should be of good quality. Poor indoor air quality causes severe health problems like – asthma, chronic bronchitis and even cancer. To avoid such situation, keep your home well-ventilated and dust free. You better check out these indoor plants. 

Create a Compost Pile in your Backyard!

make your home Eco-friendly4

Choose a private spot in your yard to create a compost pile. Then, try to turn waste eatables like eggshells, spoiled vegetables and coffee grounds into the soil and garbage into something useful. Let’s check out the amazing secret hacks for every gardener.

Seal off unexpected trouble spots!

make your home Eco-friendly5

Sometimes you may not realize and the less obvious spots can be a source of energy loss in your home. So, you need to carefully check out the areas around light switches and destroy them completely!

Reduce the Use of Paper!

make your home Eco-friendly6

Today, it has become so easy to go digital with so many things such as – bills, calendars, and books, right! You really need to understand the importance of paper and save trees. Avoid taking pamphlets and brochures from roadside that you may not need. Subscribe to the online version of newspapers.

Minimize Consumption of Processed Foods!

make your home Eco-friendly7

Yeah, it’s shocking to note that processed foods such as – biscuits, chips, ice-creams, sauces and confectionaries contain large amount of allergy inducing additives. As they are imported from far away countries, so this leads to excessive fossil fuel usage and hazardous carbon emissions. Cooking your own food is a great way to stay away from those additives!

Reduce the use of Plastic Bags!

make your home Eco-friendly8

Simply carry your own biodegradable bag when you go out for shopping or to buy some household stuff. It’s the most important step you must take into consideration to make your home eco-friendly. You can also use hand-made paper bags!

Clean your Air Conditioner Filters Frequently!

make your home Eco-friendly9

Dirty air conditioner filters hamper the airflow, costing you more to run the a/c perfectly. So, clean filters at least once a month to remove dust and allow proper air flow.

Replace Standard Light Bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Tubes!

make your home Eco-friendly10

One of the best ways to save energy! These energy-smart fluorescent tubes use 70-75% less energy than regular bulbs and lasts longer. Moreover, educate your kids about how much energy CFLs can actually save!

Friends! Need has aroused, we all must come together and take a pledge to turn the place we proudly call home into a healthier, safer and more eco-friendly option by bringing these tips into practice. These simple ways can really make your home eco-friendly. And we bet, in less than three months, you will greatly reduce your hazardous impact on the environment, save enough money and feel good about your eco-friendly contribution to your community and the planet ‘EARTH’.

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