10 Insanely Gardening Hacks every Gardener should know

Garden keeps a home alive, fresh and decorative and so millions of us always do best to nurture a garden. No wonder, beautiful side of gardening is to get hands dirty. However, it needs a bit of hard-work but if you find gardening as immense pleasure and satisfaction then you better know some secret gardening hacks. Exactly, this post shares the insanely gardening hacks that every gardener should know either it’s about nurturing garden with positive results outcome or smart move to make it look creative.

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Insanely Gardening Hacks every Gardener should know

A garden does not only serve you flowers, green veggies and beautiful flowers but cans save you from blood sucker mosquitoes. Yes, by growing any of these plants in garden you can get rid of insects and mosquitoes.

Milk Jug cloches:

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A small green house shelter for small growing plant! Get some radiant milk jugs and cut the bottom so fix them in soil and cover a little growing plant. Opening hole is enough to convey fresh air and so it creates healthy environment.

Use Potatoes to Grow Roses:

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One of the best gardening hacks to try goes with the planting rose stems in potatoes. Just cut the stem of rose and put it into potato and let it grow happily.

Use Diapers to the soil moist:

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As you know diapers are good absorbents so why not to use them in garden pot. By doing so, soil will have the moisture for the long time.

Add Eggshells:

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Don’t throw the eggshells! Crushed eggshells are inescapable for growing a healthy and big plant. You can simply use them in root base or add them to composite pile. This gardening hack will surely enhance the growth of plants.

Old boots to make mounted garden:

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In order to try something different and creative hack, get some old boots from your store room and hang them in a row and plant the flowers of same of different types. This can be considered as hanging garden and for more info check out this post.

Mulch and just mulch:

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Organic mulch, wood chips, Newspaper and coffee grounds- all these add nutrients to the soil. Mulching keeps the temperature of soil as it should be, prevent weeds and helps with many other ways. If you are new to gardening or have been gardening for many years, consider mulching for the best growth of plants.

Give Slugs Beer:

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Yeah! Slugs are big problem in garden but they be easily kicked out. In order to tame slugs, put some stale beer in a shallow container or small dish and place it in garden. Slugs love beer and when try to taste it, get drown.

Soak seeds before you plant them:

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Soaking exposes the seed embryo to the moisture faster and easier as compared to soil. You can soak seeds in water for 10 to 24 hours, actually a day before planting them. If you are using hot water to soak, make sure not to soak them for more than 20 hours or seeds will be decomposed.

Seedling with Egg Cartons:

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The moment you find out snow in garden or frost air and planting season is approaching, in that case, egg cartons can be used for seedlings. Egg cartons provide enough space for seeds to grow healthy.

Vinegar spray:

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Weeds create major problem for growing plants. Easy and simple gardening hack you can try to get rid of unwanted weeds is by using vinegar spray. Vinegar and molasses are considered as to kill weeds.

These above mentioned insanely gardening hacks every gardener should know, can surely help you to take care of your lovely garden. But these are not enough so you better consider yourself for sharing more gardening hacks for the gardening lovers. Experts and Grandmas must share valuable suggestions and experienced ideas in comment section.

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