Inspirational Flashback of Interior Design Trends

With the passing time, different trends come and go and the home interior is not any exception to this. Change is good. It is extremely necessary to ditch all your old furnishings and home accessories after a certain period to give it a new definition and style. Styling your home with the latest fashion has a significantly positive effect on your mood, concentration power and work energy level. From the too extravagant 80’s furniture to animal printed curtains and rugs of 90’s, this article is all about some really famous former day interior design trends that are now restricted to old photographs only.

Interior design Trends

Bright and Pastel coloured walls:
The 80’s and 90’s interior trends show an immense love for bright colours. Bright shades of blue, green, red, yellow pop out from every corner of the room such as walls, chairs, table, etc. Even the floor tiles of those days also had a mix of various bright colours and designs. On the other hand, soft pastel was equally liked by the people of that time. Not only does these colours are so flashy, but the interior also displayed geometric patterns and quirky designs. Modern day interior trend prefers monochromatic chic colours over the walls that give it a calm and peaceful appearance.

Obsession for the floral wallpapers:
If someone closely examines the interior trends followed in the 80’s they will definitely realise the unreasonable love for wallpapers and that too the floral one. Dense floral wallpapers are used on the wall of the living room and bedroom as well as on the ceiling. The advancement in time and technology put an end to these garish floral wallpapers use. Now people found plain and natural colours more attractive on their walls and roof.

Striking leaves printed wall covers:
Another one from the 80’s that turns your place into a wild jungle. The coverlets, wallpapers, curtains sometime add too much greenery which is visually stimulating. The interior also embraces large plants placed everywhere in the house. But the current home décor fad reduces the use of such bushes inside the room. Bare walls are more common now in place of walk covers.

Oversized furniture:
Overstuffed sofas, lounge, couches were a highlight of the retro days. They unnecessarily occupy a lot of space in the living area that makes it looks like a busy space. Large and sectional coffee tables were also a quite popular furniture of the living room. After the year 2000, this trend has become outdated. The rule of less is more are followed in house furniture than after.

Overhead lighting:
During 80’s track lights and stained glass pendants are heavily used in the dining areas, basements, staircase, etc. These boring ceiling lights have been upgraded to the elegant light system such as multi-level ceiling lights, clean geometric ceiling lights, etc.

Brass and Copper fittings:
Polished brass fitting as door knobs, wall hangings, wardrobe pulls, etc. were exploited in those olden days. They lose their shine and colour after sometimes. Later on, copper replaces these brass fittings. The present interior includes gold brushed and precious metal fitting in the interior.

Changing carpet trends:
The 70’s period uses shag carpets that are available in loud colours. These are also very difficult to clean. Low and extended furniture were common choices in designing. In the next decade, vinyl flooring begun used. Using carpet in the bathroom is a crazy style of the 80’s. The floor of 90’s interior was adorned with carpets all over them. The current home is kept more natural with stones and wood. The carpet usage has now become very less.

The olden day’s interior design trend can appear lively and appealing to some while most of us found them bizarre and funny. It is better to keep such outdated stuff inside the basement or if possible sell them to any interested buyer. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Comments from the readers are invited.

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