7 Ways To Keep Yourself Warm in Freezing Winter Season

Yes, winter is on the way and will hit you soon. Honestly speaking, it does not matter that much if you have insulated home, classic interior design or reinforced structure, not at all. Who would not want to stay comfy at home when it’s deadly freezing outside? It’s all about keeping your core body temperature and so you will be warmer from inside.

Keep yourself warm in freezing winter season


The thing is, when your body comes in direct contact of cold surface or the cold temperature due to conduction your body loses its heat and warmth. Now, you know what you got to do if you really want to stay warm, comfy and healthy in winter season.

Block the stubborn wind:


Even a small hole can sink the boat! Same exactly applies to the houses, so make sure to block the wind from windows, doors or the ventilators.

Let the sun come inside:


During day time, when sun shines, open curtains that you have closed before so the sun light can enter your home and this will naturally reduce the moisture from room and rise the room temperature and so a comfy room.

Drink Ginger tea:


Ginger has lot of hidden secrets for us. And ginger tea in winter season will not keep you warm but enhance the body immune power. What if you are sick of sneezing or cough, get a ginger tea and it will be gone for sure.

Keep your body warm:


Body heat comes first, keep your feet warm by wearing boots or woolen socks might help you with that. Feet and hands are the edgy parts of our body and most of the heat releases via them so insulate them first. Moreover, hugging and cuddling up with your partner is a incomparable and pleasurable way to enhance the core body temperature.

Yoga can save you:


Breathing exercise is finest weapon you can use against cold weather, not even when you are home but if outside on chilly mountain. Doing yoga (consider deep breathing, if you can’t do workout) will enlighten up the core body temperature. Always remember, just breathe!

Surround yourself with light:


Not that heater or LED lights, but with candles! Surround yourself with candles when the lights are gone and live the moment with soothing light and mesmerizing shining lights of candles. Definitely, heat from candles can brighten up you and room temperature.

Get the hot Soup instead of booze:


Yes, it’s strongly suggested not to go with booze but consider a yummy chicken soup or vegetables soup. Booze will drop the core body temperature so it won’t be that much worthy at all.

Winter time is really fun and inspiring season for all of us but it’s not and can’t be the same all day along for 24 hours. We need to keep our self warm and stay healthy then only we can enjoy the winter season and its festivals. Stay warm and enjoy the winter!

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