Everything You Need to Know about Wind Chimes (Bring One Home)

“Music of the Breezes, Like a Kiss, Comforts me Today and Everyday” – A wind Chime

Do you believe wind chimes are like clairvoyants that take part in fulfilling many cosmic purposes, including warding off spirits,purification and protection and increased energy flow? If not (or yes), you will also be surprised to learn that these beautiful tinkling instruments are swamped with other cosmic benefits such as channelize peace and harmony, warn sailors during unlikely weather, sound cure and of course, needless to addas an interior and garden décor persona. So, today, I am gonna tell you things you need to know about wind chimes, things you already know and few amazing effects these clusters of rods can cause.

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Know about Wind Chimes

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From Where Did It All Begun!

While some believe wind chimes originated from India, where it were hanged in temples for channelizing positive energies; many ancient records claim that the tinkling metals were introduced by the Ancient Romans, which was then familiarized in China, Japan, Tibet and Bali.

In fact, today, wind chimes play a curative role in Chinese Feng Shui in which each kind (number of rods, material, pattern etc.) is used to produce significant effect.

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The Beliefs of Ancient Culture behind the Wind Chimes!

Starting with the Buddhists; according to books the Buddhist followed a practice called ‘Chi’ in Feng- Shui in which they used these bells to produce sounds to promote positive impact on people’s health, happiness and luck. Going forward, wealso know how much the Indians use copper bells for their rituals. In retrospect, Indians used to hang the bells in temples to direct good energies, ward of evil spirits, calm senses, soothe minds and relieve people from mental ailments.

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Japanese culture also has a strong association with wind bells. Furin, (wind – fu and rin -bell) were introduced in Japan through Buddhism to keep evils at bay and to balance people’s body temperature during summer. Other south Asian cultures hang hundreds of chimes in temples, shrines and pagodas to cause overwhelming auspicious sensation through breeze and sound. In order to bring the Japanese essence to your home try out the Zen interior design concept.

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Why Do They Matter – Curative Effects of Wind Chimes!

Before I share with you how and where to place the wind bells, let me tell you why do they matter and the curative effects wind chimes can produce.

  • Wind chime hung at the end of the stairs prevent wealth rushing out of your lives.
  • It definitely helps to eliminate clutter. Be it negative vibes, thoughts or actions, wind chimes loosen up stagnant bad energy marvellously.
  • If front entrance is blocked by another building, you may face issues in finance, health, relationship and career. Hanging wind bells will remove the barrier.Wind bells fixed at the entrance will bring in vitality and life into the house.
  • While solid rod chimes improves health and well-being, hollow rods types are placed to excel in career and ensure family planning.
  • The sounds produced by the bells also eliminate stress, melancholy and depression from the atmosphere. If it’s about harmony and peace, then you better know about the Dreamcatcher. 

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Several Types of Wind Chimes!

Wind chimes come in several types and each pattern has a different purpose to fulfil. However, the most common ones are of metal, wood, copper, glass, porcelain and ceramic rods.Did you know the rods, the sounds and the pattern also play a huge part in the cosmic responses? Read to learn more…

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How, When and Where Should You Place Them!

Normally, chimes can be hung anywhere as part of interior and garden accessory. But if you are looking for special effects thenknow more about wind chimes through these guidelines;

  1. Metal wind bells are good for West, North and North West directions of the house or property. Metals usually work well for good vibes as they produce more penetrating sounds.
  2. Wooden chimes are most effective in Eastsern, South Eastern and Southern Sectors. Bamboo rods produce a gentle, clacking sound that helps deflect bad energy and enhance a sense of security, well-being and comfort and hence it is highly recommended for children’s bedroom. They work best in Southern, South-eastern and Eastern directions.
  3. Give preference to Centre, South West and North East locations for ceramics and porcelain bells.

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Few Do’s and Don’ts

  • If your entrance door and back door are directly in line, then a wind chime hung at the back door will prevent Good Chi (energy) rushing out from the house.
  • Wind Bells hung near an open window and right outside the front door helps circulatepositive energy in the house.
  • Number of Rods also matter. So, buy a bell which contains 6, 7, 8 or 9 rods, preferably hollow rods.
  • Don’t hang a wind chime under trees, over doors, or over where you sit, eat, work or sleep.

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Wind chimes are part of our culture since time immemorial. What we didn’t know about wind chimes is it’s one of the greatest works of Feng-Shui art.Mind you, its simplicity shouldn’t befool you. Bring home one and you will be astounded by its diverse impacts on fame, luck, health and wealth.

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However, folks, if you are keen for a particular result, don’t forget to consult a Feng Shui Master for an extensive knowledge. If you know any other interesting trivia, good effects or significance of Wind Chimes do share us your thoughts below.

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