Know Basic Interior Design Elements

Your home is a place where you find inner peace and solace. Hence, it has to be designed as pretty as a picture. A great design not only satiates our heart but also brings in tons of compliments. When we say interior design, it is the process of shaping the interior space of our home. Designing our living space from scratch, a beautiful home expresses our personality. Interior designing is basically a science and it should not be confused with interior decoration. While the former is designing by incorporating several principles and the latter means decorating a space with added upholstery and furniture and flooring.


Basic Interior design elements

With a knack for design, interior designers are professionals who take up the responsibility to design the interiors of home. However, if you are born with an eye for design, you can fashion up your home’s interiors and impress your guests. Interior design incorporates some principles and if you know basic interior design elements, you can go a long way in designing. In this write-up, let’s walk you through some of the important elements of fashioning the interiors of your home:



It is a vital principle of interior design. Basically, it acts as a foundation upon which the entire plan is made, therefore, a proper understanding of your home’s space will come up with amazing results. Ensure you have all the idea about the space available- its utilities and dimensions. Space is categorized into two types namely: two-dimensional space that incorporates the floor and three-dimensional space that covers the living space. Most importantly, space acts as a canvas. If the room is big, it’s ideal not to cut back on furnishings and if the room is too small, don’t try to overcrowd it with furniture.



Well, this aspect does not require any special introduction. Not only the hues of your home set your mood, but it also creates an aesthetic connection between objects. Hence, it is of utmost importance to make a right choice of colors. Therefore, you better check out bedroom color combination ideas.



It is an obvious element that should not be ignored. Either man-made or natural, without lights, the others aspects of interior design has no significance. By illuminating the overall space, light sets the mood of the living space. If you are looking forward for spacious and ‘less is more’ type interior, loot at these Scandinavian interior designs.



It is an aspect of interior design that signifies the lines made by the architecture and furnishings of a room. Line creates shape and form and is solely responsible for contrast, harmony, and unity in design. This element comprises both straight and curved planes.



Forms signify shapes in general and is a close companion of line. It can be formed by joining two or more shapes and can be embraced by using several elements such as pattern, texture, and color. Additional forms create balance whereas well-defined form creates harmony to the space.



Pattern works in harmony with colors. This element adds interest and life to your room’s furnishings. These are created by repetitive paint techniques, designs in fabric, rugs, and wallpaper.



This element mainly defines how an ideal surface would feel and look. It is intended to add interest and depth into a living space. Texture is categorized into two forms- visual and actual texture. The forms means when the texture is only visible whereas the latter signifies that the texture is both felt and seen.

Yes, you love decorating your house!! But you better know the basic interior design elements and keep the aforesaid things in mind to come up with incredible results. Hope this article was helpful and knowledgeable.

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