Knowing Zen Interior Design Concept

It’s not a interior design concept but a way of living! A home should be calm, peaceful and spacious to let the energy flow freely without any restrictions. Now-a-days, life has become real sick, stressful and turbulent with no peace of mind and relaxation. That’s where the Zen interior design comes to tranquil not our mind but the life style with healthy, happy and meditative way.


Knowing zen interior design concept

This design does not come with strict rules of interior designing and does not even require you to be a monk to have this way of life. Less-is-more, appealing, visually balanced patterns, light and space and natural materials are the ingredients of this amusing interior design. There is also Scandinavian interior design with less is more theory!

Minimalist design to let the energy flow freely:


It’s always about energy! More materials and furniture you have, more obstacles you are making for energy flow. Let it move freely like a water and this way rooms can be visually dissolved and left with nothing but just peace. We’re not sorry but you got get rid of your stuffs & materials (hidden cabinets and so many arrangements can be done).

Simple, natural and less furniture is the key:


No extra ornaments, no vibrant wallpapers or paints, no sexy and stylish furniture! Bring your home natural wood future in accordance with simple visual lines and patterns. Attachment with decorating ornaments is kind of distraction and disturbance for mind.

Less gadgets you have, more you can live with yourself:


Calm down, you don’t have to through them out of house! But at least keep them away from your eyes i.e. play station, laptop, music system and other electronic gadgets; don’t let them be your life-line! Instead bring the calmness with plants and nature!

Light colors and patterns:


Colors, indeed play a huge rule in our life. But, this enlightened interior design wants you to be the same so no fancy colors on walls, furniture and other stuff. Bring the harmonious to your life with natural and real sunlight or you can go with artificial light. Soft neutral walls, bamboo furniture and light-reflecting ceilings are required for relaxing symmetry. But red and blue can be used for enhancing its looks, you can try on sofas and entrance of the house.

Spa Retreat

Many of us don’t even have the time to just and sit calm to mirror out thoughts. How many times you have said yourself that you would start meditation from tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes! Even though you started it already, that’s appreciable! But, why to live that calmness for few minutes when you have 24 hours? As mentioned above, it’s not a interior design but a way of life so is this. It’s about peace, calmness, energy, nature, harmony and eternal happiness!

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