Lavish and Classy Victorian Interior design (Basics)

Isn’t it interesting to adopt styles from past and implement them in future to make life comfortable and organized? After all “Old is Gold”. Well! Considered as one of the most important ages in the course of development, technology and advancement, Victorian era saw a huge change in the status quo of the social hierarchical order from time to time. The people belonging to middle class climbed up the ladder and adopted aristocratic lifestyle, followed the same practices as they do and lived in a well-furnished, luxurious home.

Lavish and Classy Victorian Interior design

The lavish and classy Victorian interior design clearly flaunts richness and wealth. If you’re among such people who seek to maintain such lavish life style would definitely find this article interesting. Here are some ideas to design your home the Victorian way.

Awesome Antiques:

If you want to maintain that essence of the Victorian period to your personal space, possibly choose the best form of antiques to grace the interior with. And yeah, heavy metal statues or vases kept on center table tops or by the sides of the room look wonderful. What else you can do? Think! Place carved sceneries in the middle of the wall or hang a big chandelier from the ceiling to give a tremendous effect to the room.

Abundant Use of Linens:

‘LINENS’ are among the most important ingredients when we talk about Victorian decor. Try to use anything made with embroidery, lace and ribbons in a natural way. Use linen on pillows, bed sheets, tablecloths, curtains or upholstery for small occasional celeb. Friends! To reflect your rich status and to show off your classy style and taste, can you suggest a better idea than this…hmm!

Patterned Wallpapers:

If you desire to have a lavish and classy Victorian interior design for your newly-constructed home, incorporating patterned wallpapers is a must-have item. If you’re looking for extreme elegance and simplicity, then consider applying wallpaper that is flocked with velvety texture.

Use Calm Colors:

To create a soothing atmosphere all around, the colors of the wall should be light and not loud. Walls need to be done in a creative manner in contrasts with the color of the ceilings. Ranging from soft gray to mahogany brown, light pink to pale yellow, various color choices are there.

Embellished Draperies:

When designing draperies for the modern home, one must consider using long, heavy drapery panels all around windows and even to doors to achieve an authentic touch. Don’t forget to adorn draperies with attractive embellishments to add a layer of drama to your décor such as – opulent tassels, fringe and tiebacks.

Antique Lighting Styles:

For the dining room table and library table, choose drop light or chandelier as popular style of Victorian lighting. If looking for general lighting options – wall sconces and brackets are preferable choice. This is the best way to learn how to light a lavish and classy Victorian interior design based home.

Well- defined Furniture Styles:


Explore styles of Victorian furniture by a huge collection of antique oak dressers with bevel mirrors and solid brass handles both at back and at front and classic Victoria sofa. To give a rich look to your home, couches with big backs is an ideal option.

Lancet Windows:

Want to give architectural shape to the interior walls of your house? Go for a lancet window that is tall, narrow, pointed from its arch and is usually made of stained glass with heavy moldings. You can easily style these lancet-style accessories from your walls to create an ancient effect.

So, friends! You would have made rough sketches thousand times of the home you want to own – sketches that outline the design of your space and extra space, but due to the lack of enough decorative ideas, most of the time you’re failed to show the detail to make your dream come true. But, with these lavish and classy Victorian interior design ideas you can decorate anything. You can add wings to your dream and fly high in the sky!!