Smart Strategy to Live Large in A Small Bedroom

Space is what most people lack in their houses. A lot of people, manage to buy a house, but because buying a large house is an expensive affair, they have to adjust in cramped spaces. But just because you are living in a cramped space, you need not live in the absence of bare essentials or luxury. You can live a luxurious and comfortable life, even in a small space. If you have a cramped bedroom, then you can try out these tips on how to Live Large in a small bedroom.

Live Large In A Small Bedroom

Let mirrors enlarge your living space:


The first and most important tip to Live Large in a small bedroom is to make use of mirrors. Mirrors, when installed in appropriate places, make a bedroom look spacious. Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space even when the space is cramped.

Look behind the door:


The back of your door isn’t as unimportant as you thought it to be. You can use this space in a number of ways. One of the most obvious ways is to mount any of your favourite paintings or posters your love.

Wall mounted electronics:


Your bedroom is where you want to keep most of your electronics like television, music system, air conditioner etc. If your room is cramped, you should go for electronic items that come with the wall mountable facility. Such electronic goods won’t eat up a lot of your bedroom space.

Clever storage:

Seating arrangement with some storage capacity is absolutely necessary.

This is definitely one of the best ideas to Live Large in a small bedroom. So, you can buy a sofa set that probably doubles as a toy storage. You can also buy a centre table with some storage capacity, which can be used to store magazines and newspapers.

Have you thought of buying organisers yet?


If you are going out for shopping, add organisers to your shopping list. These organisers could be for wardrobes as well drawers. And don’t remain under the impression that organisers are for the purpose of organising stuff alone; they also create a lot of extra space by putting your belongings in order.

The convenient room dividers:


Use room dividers to make your bedroom store more items including furniture, in an organised way. With dividers you can also make a single room act like two or three rooms. Yes, these small compartments that dividers create make a lot of space for you.

Use vertical spaces effectively:


What are we talking about? We are talking about walls. Yes, put your walls into use. Install shelves and closets on them for keeping your books, clothes and various items of décor perfectly. And because these storage facilities don’t take up a lot of space, your bedroom doesn’t become cramped.

Paint the room the right way:

So, you love warm gaudy coloured wall paints?

Well, we appreciate your taste, but they are not the right colours to put on your walls if you have a small bedroom. Dark, damp colours make your bedroom look cramped. On the other hand, the use of light colours can make it look spacious. If you have a small bedroom stuffed with a lot of furniture and items of décor, then it would be wise of you to get it painted in some light colour.

Handy pegboards:


Pegboards can be used inside the wardrobe to hang jewellery, stoles or ties. They can also be mounted on the walls to hang clothes. They are a great way to save space.

Aren’t these some of the most amazing ways to Live Large in a small bedroom? Well yes, of course! So, if your bedroom is cramped, make use of these tips and make it appear and feel larger.

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