15 Best low Light Houseplants to grow Indoor

Decorating the interior of our home with some greenery is the best way to relax our mind, stay happy and cheerful. But for healthy plant survival, it’s important to arrange its natural surroundings to the best of our abilities, so that plants can breathe freely even in low levels of light.

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Best low light houseplants

Before we move further, let’s understand what a low light plant means? The areas in our home that are 8 or more feet away from a large window or not in touch of direct sunlight are referred as low light levels such as – basements, hallways, room covered with large window coverings, store rooms or very small windows on the corners of house. Low light houseplants are easy to grow and basically meant for those growers who are quite busy in their daily schedule and don’t have the required time or patience to spend on proper caring for plants. Even if your garden has beautiful plants and flower but still, do you have a plants to get rid of mosquitoes? If not, you better have any of these plants in garden to avoid mosquitoes or other harmful insects.

Here are 15 easy to grow houseplants for low light conditions :

Spider Plant:

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One of the most popular indoor house plants as it’s easy to grow and does not require much light. Spider plants come in large varieties and gives best look in a hanging basket. These plants grow well even in moist soil area and dim lighting conditions.

Cast Iron Plant:

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The plant requires a different range of temperature and humidity, so it’s difficult to grow. Cast iron plant can also thrive really well in low light, but it’s a slow grower. It’s better to keep the soil surface moist throughout the year.


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It’s a big indoor house plant with bright green leaves which gives a look of shamrocks. The plant has big sweet white flowers on its tall stems and prefers bright but indirect or filtered light.

Peace Lily:

Low light houseplants 4

It’s a beautiful indoor house plant that surely belongs to low light houseplants category. The plant can easily thrive in low light levels and well known for having a stunning white flower with dark colored leaves covered all around. This house plant survives efficiently in low humidity and even in low light conditions.

Corn Plant:

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Another favorite plant for many house wives and office people ‘corn plant’ interestingly grab attention of others within a large sized room. The plant grows in its full-fledged form in bright light conditions, but survives in low light as well.

Jade Plant:

Low light houseplants 6

The plant comprises of thick, lush leaves with interesting branches. Jade plant does not require much water, so you can keep the soil mostly dry and grows well in bright light and ordinary room temperatures.

ZZ Plant:

Low light houseplants 7

The other great easy to grow plant which grows well in low lighting conditions. For long life of this plant, avoid over watering the plant on frequent intervals.


Low light houseplants 8

Colors add brightness and happiness to your boring life, so why not add bit of colors to your living room with this absolutely gorgeous plant ‘Peperomia’. These plants are small in size with wavy and textured leaves.

Chinese evergreen:

Low light houseplants 9

Availability of this plant in beautiful shades such as – green, gray and silver makes it one of the best indoor low-light houseplants. The special features of plant includes – cool and easy maintenance making them a strong choice to brighten areas that receive low-light in your home.


Low light houseplants 10

The aloe indoor house plant prefers dry soil to grow successfully, so avoid frequent watering plant for best results. The plant has long pointed leaves with medical properties and can grow up to 3 feet.


Low light houseplants 11

The Philodendron is one of the superb indoor plants and has pretty heart-shape leaves. You can often see them trailing over the edge of a bookshelf or hanging in pots and jars. With proper support they can grow in an upright position and if the plant grows too longer, you can cut the back part of the plant.

Arrowhead Vine:

Low light houseplants 12

It’s clear from the name that the plant has arrow-shaped leaves and can thrive well in low lighting conditions. The leaves of the plant have a variety of colors and look great in hanging basket for a special or unique decoration at your home.

Snake Plant:

Low light houseplants 13

It’s among one of the outstanding indoor low light houseplants which purifies air and both tall and short varieties are available of this plant, making it a versatile addition to your sweet home.

Bamboo Plant:

Low light houseplants 14

It’s super easy to grow and usually grown in water or potted soil. The plant prefers indirect sunlight and can grow up to 5 feet tall. The only thing which has to be taken extreme care off is to water it carefully otherwise roots will get destroy.

English Ivy:

Low light houseplants 15

This plant can be grown instantly by simply cutting a section of the stem. English ivy likes moist soil and requires cooler room temperatures to grow successfully.

So, guys what are you all waiting for? Add a touch of green decor to your home with these easy to maintain, indoor low light houseplants. And make sure you share this post with pals and known ones and don’t forget to drop us your feedback in comment section.

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