31 Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas You Better Try

We assure you guys! After reading this post you will definitely fall in love with tiny terrariums at first sight. Now, you must be wondering what are terrariums? Small terrarium gardens are miniature ecosystem of plants housed in re-purposed containers which can be made of anything from a simple round watch box to a simple round globe or even an old light bulb and an old jar. As terrarium plants need little soil and water, so they can be made by using containers of different sizes.

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas

Miniature DIY terrarium ideas

Creating miniature gardens is always interesting and very good choice for indoor and outdoor home decoration. They even make great holiday gifts, so here we present 7 unique miniature DIY terrarium ideas to draw the attention of your guests towards the living area and garden area. You just need to use your imagination and turn these ideas into beautiful and interesting artworks. Since you are garden lover, these gardening hacks will help you to do gardening with ease.

Here comes list of Creative Miniature Terrarium Masterpieces you would be proud of!

Magnetic Container Terrarium:

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas2

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas3

You can create a whole green miniature world in a small container with Succulents and Cacti as they need very little water and soil for growing, but make sure to cover then with a clear lid. Friends! Layer it with pebbles and rocks as decorative materials. Glue a rare earth magnet to the back side to hang on any ferrous metal surface. Give your refrigerator or study table a green makeover with this magnetic terrarium.

Necklace Terrarium:

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas4

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas5

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas6

This is for fashionable gals! Just imagine how amazing it will look if you could wear this terrarium. Using an apothecary bottle you can create it in a necklace style. You just need to install plants in the beads form and corking the top will create the perfect mini rain forest – like environment for a tiny seedling.

Cut-Off Bottle Terrarium:

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas7

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas8

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas9

Isn’t this sound interesting? Building terrarium into a re-purposed bottle gives a look of a ‘ship in a bottle’ which seems to be among miniature DIY terrarium ideas for creative people. Using a tall cylindrical bottle is much preferable rather than experimenting with small soda bottle or coke bottles. You can easily find shops involved in taking of the top of bottles to make a wider opening for plants.

Dinosaur Terrarium:

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas10

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas11

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas12

KIDS are easily attracted towards creative and fun things. This is a must-have fun activity you must play with your kids. You can plant some tropical plans, cacti and add dinosaur figure inside the container. Wow…it looks fabulous! Adding some sea shells is a plus point.

Ornament Terrarium:

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas13

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas14

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas15

Do you know..? There are no rules and regulations for creating miniature terrarium gardens. So, friends! Go green this Christmas with Ornament miniature DIY terrarium ideas. You can use any clear glass ornament with a removable hanger. As per our recommendation re purposing an old ornament is an excellent option. Also, keep in mind to fill the shallow area with soil and small plants to complete the look.

Lamp Terrarium:

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas16

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas17

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas18

How about gifting lamp terrarium to your friend on birthday or your relatives on some special occasions? Are you excited? You just need to use any generously sized clear glass container together with a lamp kit. Fill the complete container with rocks, charcoal and soil and try to arrange your green leafy in an attractive way.

Seashell Ring Terrarium:

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas19

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas20

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas21

As we already discussed that many terrarium plants need very little soil, so you can efficiently plant them into a seashell! If you don’t belong to beach area and short of shells, you can use the shells from a nut or any other similar natural element. Fill the hallow area with soil, plant the seedling upward and a glue to attached to the ring.

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas22

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas23

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas24

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas25

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas26

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas27

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas28

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas29

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas30

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas31

Miniature DIY Terrarium Ideas32

If you are free friends and don’t know how to spend time, get creative with miniature DIY terrarium ideas and make some small and beautifully designed garden pieces to gift others on special occasions. Don’t forget to tell us more miniature ideas you have and your suggestions, in comment section.

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