Mural Wallpapers: A Step ahead Decoration

Murals have the golden history as these mystical portraits could have seen only in royal family’s house. But, now time has changed, so also known as wallpapers, artist pours down his/her imagination on walls and gives it an amusing and magnificent look. It could be done any time, whether it’s brand new home or you have been planning to renovate the house to give it new look, mural wallpapers are, as the title says, a step ahead decoration. Inspiring mural painting does not only beauty the wall it’s painted on but enhances the standard of house. Let’s know more about the significance and value of mural wallpapers.

Mural wallpapers a step ahead decoration10

Mural wallpaper: a step ahead decoration

Indeed it’s about decorating house, and in order to make it eye-catchy you might have been trying many ideas to do so. Since a house needs fresh air as it’s the soul of decoration, check out these natural ways of keeping your heaven smell wonderful.

Mural History:

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When people used to live in caves, even used this artwork for decorating the walls of caves. Going deeper into this artwork, we found enrich history with prehistoric cave painting at Lascaux, France and murals of ancient Egypt, India, Rome and Greece. These murals depicted their scenes of their lifestyle and moral values i.e. how they hunted, loved and enjoyed. They would just scratch the rocks and done! But in modern days, traditional and non- traditional designs are in fashion, using oil and water colors, an artist portrays his imagination (could be yours) on walls or any other surface.
How and why this artwork makes people hypnotized and causes them to get a design as a symbol of royalty? Why don’t you get it done on walls and live the feel.

Optical Illusion:

Mural wallpapers a step ahead decoration3

When you feel like sick of old fashioned layout or want to renovate layout, instead of spending money on devastating your lovely home décor, get the mural wallpapers with optical illusion and let the people have jaw drop moment. Optical illusions are best when combine within an artwork of permanent surface or walls of the house.

Social Image/Impression:

Mural wallpapers a step ahead decoration4

That’s what a mural artwork exist for. Being socially active is something which sometimes makes your home a guest-house, people visit your home usually and other occasions too. No wonder, having a significant mural design on wall could bring you a certain political goal or social emancipation. Visual effect is an enticement to get the attention of society, as you might have seen the public art murals to attract and convey the message to them.

Graffiti style:

Mural wallpapers a step ahead decoration5

In late 90s, it become the main stream for various brands, i.e Nike and Red Bull and since then, has been getting popularity among youth. In various countries, graffiti art work has been seen on walls and public places. Artist used this artwork on public buildings to protest or even if they wanted to convey the social message. Graffiti style interior in house or private office would bring that astounding charm and class not only to the place but your personality too.

Meditative environment:

Mural wallpapers a step ahead decoration6

So, you are health conscious and do mediate regularly, if it’s your daily routine, or if you heading off to spiritual journey, get the Buddhism wall murals. These mural design are simply peaceful and help one to mediate.

Suitable for personality:

Mural wallpapers a step ahead decoration7

Let this art work belongs to you not just to décor walls. People belong to specific field, art, sports, corporate or so on, can enhance and live their dream and personality trait at the same time. Indeed that would be the best way to express yourself to the world and on other side, this way you can keep yourself motivated.

A Reminder:

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Mural artwork for house could be the best thing you could ever have done for house. Get the artist first and craft the design with him or let him do his own way. Choosing color palette and perfect theme could be the hardest job for you and so as to make it a bit easy we shared some images. Moreover, if you find it difficult or just want to live the feel of having mural artwork, get the small piece of wooden box.

Mural wallpapers a step ahead decoration9

No wonder, technology has brought us plenty of ways to decorate our home but wall murals remind us the very beginning of humanity and their ability to do so without even a paint brush or color. Tradition, cultural and style, mural artwork can bring you the blend of every aspect of whatever you dreamt off. When you are finally done with the thought decorating walls, get ready to live the feel of realistic view of mural walls. Despite decorating walls, if you are planning to get new flooring, check this post first. Do drop us comments in comment section and let us know your suggestions and experience with mural wallpapers. Let’s take step ahead decoration.

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