31 Best Music Inspired Interior Design Ideas To Make You Groove

Want to make your house as stairway to heaven? Well music can! At least in terms of the décor, implementing great ideas where you can get back your lost energy after a hectic day at work surely work wonders. Your home is basically a reflection of your personality. If you are someone who’s hooked to music and crave for the same in how you do your house, let that speak for itself in the interiors and exterior too. From décor objects to walls and furniture, music can indeed change the very way your house looks. Once the interior is done you can try natural ways to make your home smell spellbinding. 


Music inspired interior design ideas

From contemporary to vintage styles, here’s a list of music inspired interior design ideas that will surely appeal to you.

Drum set shelves:


Rarely would you ponder over this till you try arranging the drums in a fashionable way as furniture pieces. For children’s rooms, small drums are ideal. Hire an expert or you can fix them the way you would like to using screws, drills and brackets. No matter how you arrange them, there must be some eye-catching effect to it. Now keep the books, magazines or even pictures on top of it.

Musical notes:


This would be ideal for bedrooms. You can get plenty of ideas in online shops where items like musical decals (guitar and headsets), artsy headboards and even decorative CD’s are available. Some do look quirky but that’s the best part about them. Enjoy the bedroom feeling as you immerse yourself in a world of music surrounded by ‘tiny records and the real guitars’!

Rock star look:


Go pure vintage style by stocking industrial items, envelopes, guitars and many more as you embellish the top of the bed with illuminated letters that read ‘ROCKSTAR’.  Try and look for furniture, cushions, bed sheets, covers and all other commodities that impart an old world charm, a rustic feeling. Just be careful that nothing modern fills the room or space or else the purpose is beaten completely.

Trumpet lamp:


This is pretty common, but there’s no harm trying the look but in a different form. How about painting the trumpet in a completely neon shade and attaching the lamp cover on top. There are a number of images and patterns of arrangement that you can consider, so try looking for ideas and match it according to the room.

Music band themed room:


Love the Beatles? Or Rolling Stones? Or Queen and Freddie Mercury might be your idol? Or maybe something a little less retro- Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden and so on. Regardless of your music interest, make sure you do the corners of your room well and keep the musical instruments arranged in different positions. Don’t forget to hang on that huge picture of your idol in a pose right on top of the main wall or the one against the bed that will be noticed by all.

Musical wall paint:


Might sound confusing but certain all paints are available in online stores that have musical notes. In other words, these colors and shades infuse a feeling close to someone who is deeply into music. The aesthetics must also speak of the same. So a bookcase can be altered in the form of a music epicenter where you keep record players, built-in speaker systems and more. Use other objects and transform the hardwood floors too with the right designs and artifacts.


























Home is where the heart is! So make the area the way you would like to have when coming back after a rigorous day at work or simply when you are not in the best mood. In researching on some music inspired interior design ideas, you will certainly be successful in the execution process too. Drop us a comment and let us know if the designs and ideas helped you.

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