8 Natural Ways To Clean Your Kitchen

Want to learn how to clean your kitchen naturally? Here’s a solution! I guess no one prefers a dirty kitchen, as it’s the place where you eat and prepare your food. Friends! Whether you follow the leave-the-mess-for later philosophy or clean up there and then, it’s a daunting task to accomplish successfully. Between sticky counter-tops, dirty utensils and scraps of dough on the floor, you need to have a fabulous cleaner on hand.

Natural Ways To Clean Your Kitchen

Today, in this post we’ve listed 8 natural ways to clean your kitchen. These natural cleaner recipes will get your kitchen looking good enough to eat in no time. Surprisingly, you can make most kitchen cleaners with different mixtures of baking soda, water, essential oils, white vinegar and lemon juice. So, if you really want to enjoy a sparkling kitchen with minimal effort, try these tricks.

Use Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polisher:


Yippee! Coconut oil is great for baking, cooking and blending into green smoothies. It can also be used as a conditioner, lotion and to make homemade deodorant. But have you ever thought? It can be used as a stainless steel cleaner and polisher too. Just take 1 tbsp coconut oil and apply it to microfiber cloth to wipe off dirt, grime and fingerprints. Result, it will make your stainless steel kitchen appliances shine like new!

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Deodorize Smelly Kitchen Towels:


Kitchen towels are exposed to various kinds of food, oil and other grime – meaning they soon stink. So, if your laundry powder fails to make them smell rosy, try using simple baking soda and vinegar as one of the top natural ways to clean your kitchen towels. You’ll notice, those odors will just disappear.

Scrub Cast Iron Pans with Sea Salt:


Please note – soap shouldn’t be used on cast iron as it can ruin the seasoning, Instead, simply use a steel scouring pad and some coarse sea salt to cut through the grease and impurities.

Wash Inside Bottles with Rice:


Bottles with narrow mouth or irregular shaped jars look pretty and interesting, but they can be next to impossible to clean. This genius trick – use of water, soap and little rice together solves the problem.

Add Shine to Wood with Coconut Oil:


A gentle rub of coconut oil has always made wooden surfaces like kitchen cabinets and dining tables look glossy and shine. The oil will remove oil-soluble impurities within few minutes with its lactic acid properties.

Clean Baking Trays and Dirty Pans with Lemon:


Ah, interesting! Soak pans, pots, cooking sheets and baking dishes in hot water with baking soda and fresh lemon and watch the grease removing instantly. You can also rub half a lemon around stainless steel cookware items for extra shine before rinsing and consider it as one of the easiest natural ways to clean your kitchen objects.

Kill Germs in Coffee Machine Itself:


Well! Such germ-filled machines can easily be cleaned by filling the water chamber with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. Allow the machine to run until all the liquid comes out. Repeat the procedure twice with clean water before using for daily use.

Clean Grill Grates with Onion!


Get rid of those burn marks on your hot grill maker with this simple trick! Simply take half a peeled white onion and rub it back and forth over the grates of a hot grill. This will deglaze the grates and adds an extra layer of flavor to your dinner!

Well! It’s clear from above points that the kitchen is like the heart of our home and it’s the room that needs to be cleaned and maintained after every short span of time. If you’ve tried tons of natural kitchen-cleaning products, but still don’t have a pretty good idea about which one works best for your kitchen, try above mentioned natural ways to clean your kitchen.Remember, it’s always better to keep chemical products out of the kitchen.

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