These Plants will save you from Mosquitoes

Blood suckers aka mosquitoes are the one of the worst insects that might annoy you, actually every one of us. Even though it’s small insect but could lead one to the death by injecting the virus of malaria disease. However, there are plenty of products in market which can be used to get rid of mosquitoes but the truth is chemicals you use in house are making air poisonous at the same time. The burning question is how to get rid of these insects while keeping house fresh and cool. The solution is in your garden; let’s know discuss about the plants that repel mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

These plants will save you from mosquitoes8

These plants will save you from mosquitoes

Let’s admit, most of the mosquitoes and insects come from garden you have in backyard, but solution is also there. All you need to do is just grow anyone from these given plants in your garden and see the change. If your home has not that much space to have garden, this post shares an alternate option of hanging garden to decorate both indoor and outdoor area.

Lemon Balm:

These plants will save you from mosquitoes1

This is the real devil for mosquitoes and belongs to mint family. Growing this plant needs a pot so you can change the location of it. Interesting fact is that it can grow in shade and does not need that much care. Delicious bonus is, get some dry leaves and make herbal tea!


These plants will save you from mosquitoes2

How many of you have been using cream and lotion to avoid mosquitoes’ bites? Do you know using such products regularly on skin will surely affect your skin? Yes, it does, you better get some leaves of peppermint and rub them on skin and enjoy the fresh smell. Moreover, if you get this plant in garden, it can be used in making food. You can get minty smell once you add it to the beverages.


These plants will save you from mosquitoes3

This is beautiful and useful at the same time as it’s great plant to repel bugs. Geranium flowers will give a stylish statement to the house and garden. Consider this plant for sure to have once at least.


These plants will save you from mosquitoes4

Mosquitoes never dare to cross over this flower, they find it deadly repulsive Want to try? Just place few flowers around a room border and see what it does. In addition to this, flowers can be used for decorative purpose.


These plants will save you from mosquitoes5

Yes, garlic is used in making food to make them healthy and tasty as well. Interesting fact is that it can save you from mosquitoes. Add garlic plant in your garden and forget about the mosquitoes, moreover, try out it in making food to give the flavor of it.


These plants will save you from mosquitoes6

One of the most attractive plants to have in garden for decorating, repelling mosquitoes and making food as well. A multi-purpose plant! This shrub does not need lot of watering or that much care so can be easily grown in garden.


These plants will save you from mosquitoes7

A scented flower for humans and disaster for the mosquitoes. Once you grow one or more lavender plants in garden, you can easily make lavender oil and applying it to skin can keep mosquitoes away from you. This plant has smell binding aroma around it, so can be used for making a home smell fresh. If you are looking for making a home smell wonderful, this post has got something for you.

In summer days, mosquitoes are plenty in population and become active to annoy you. Problem arises when it comes to kids; they get skin rashes, infection or other minor disease (which becomes serious sometimes). And going with chemicals and toxins regularly is not a good idea for health purpose. Next time you find mosquitoes or bugs annoying around you, try out with natural ways. Feel free to share mosquitoes repelling plants you have in your garden or mind, in comment section. Make sure to share this post as we all believe sharing is caring!

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