Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is a means to keep you informed and educate about collection of data when you enter

The data collected from you go through numerous security precautions and is used for specific purpose only. The Website is suitable for children above the age of 11.

We have reserved all rights to change, alter or update the Privacy Policy at any given time. By continuing to visit the site you would be giving us the consent that you conform to our Privacy Policy.

Data We Gather

  1. Particulars of data that is generally collected from the users include name, age, gender, location, email address and other web server related details for technical purpose.
  2. The data collected is recorded in a log file which keeps tab of all your information for the singular purpose of improving our website. The data also help us evaluate the popularity of our website.

3rd Party Advertisements and Cookies

  1. collects data from you by placing DART Cookies in your web browser, which is then transferred back to us without changing its form. Cookies are mainly placed to improve user experience in our website. With the use of cookies we may list ads, blogs and articles that may appeal you.
  2. We ask you to post comments on an article. Nonetheless, when you express your opinions, other viewers would get rights to comment on your views.
  3. You also have the permission of sharing articles on social media sites. However, rest assured, will not open your user accounts for public viewing.
  4. You can always block a cookie from entering your server by making changes in site settings. However, by doing so you may not enjoy full advantage of all that we offer.
  5. We may also dispense some information about you to our affiliated third party websites with the sole purpose of giving you a user rich experience. However, you will be notified about such dispensing of information beforehand. It’s up to you to agree or decline to offer your details.
  6. When you click on a third party ad link, you will be redirected to our affiliated partner’s website. However, we are not accountable for the security once you leave our website.
  7. We allow third-party companies to serve ads or collect data when you visit with the sole purpose to provide information and advertisements about products of your interest.
  8. Similarly, these companies also use cookies or web beacon to gather your data.

Images and Videos

  1. Many of the videos and images in our website are gathered from different sources. We give full credit of each media posted to the original source.
  2. However, if you feel we have breached a copyright, please contact us and we will try to find a solution that is in consensus with both parties.