9 Questions To Ask A Babysitter Before Hiring

Isn’t, allowing someone else to look after your kids can be daunting? After all, no one can care for them better than you. If you are in search of a babysitter or nanny for your children, you definitely don’t want to hire the wrong person. Well! Asking right questions to a babysitter before hiring can actually make you feel better about leaving your children with someone else when necessary.

Questions To Ask A Babysitter Before Hiring

The days of asking your neighbor to watch your kids are gone now. Modern times have made us more worried about the people who care for our children and the treatment they receive. To make the process easier, you need to act like a boss and treat this like a business. There are few standard questions which apply to every family, so it’s good idea to start off by asking those. Here are a few suggestions on what to ask.

What kind of experience do you have:


Having complete knowledge about the candidates background help you gain right perspective on their capabilities. The more experience the candidate has regarding children, the better you will feel about leaving them with your children.

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Do you have any younger siblings:


This will help you determine about how comfortable they might be around young children because an only child or youngest sibling won’t have been raised around babies as much as an older sibling!

What is the age range of children you are willing to care for?


This is an important question to ask a babysitter before hiring. Some babysitters feel more comfortable around children of specific age groups only. So don’t feel bad about it as its personal preference.

How do you feel about taking care of a child with special needs?


Even if you don’t have a child with special needs, you can still ask the question because of increasing rates of autism. The response of the babysitter you selected will give you insight into her flexibility, empathy, confidence, temperament and tolerance.

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What makes you good with children?


This is an extremely necessary question designed to help you see how the candidate sees themselves. In order to get truthful answers from the candidate you had chosen, you need to test them on the spot. Also ask for specific examples.

Will you be able to give me at least three references?


Ask for references and follow up with these references if you can. Also check how these references are related to them.

Do you take any prescribed medications?


No parent or guardian will prefer babysitters sleeping all day. Some prescriptions can actually make them extremely lethargic or drowsy. You have a complete right to ask this question from a babysitter before hiring as you need to know what their mental state will be when they are taking care of your children.

What’s the worst scenario you have had to deal with while babysitting?


Stop asking the happy questions and focus on the hard ones. Did the applicant have an example? Did the applicant handle the situation well? Listen to this answer carefully and don’t let them say ‘nothing’. You can also take feedback from other parents.

Do you have long-standing friendships or relations?


It’s important to know that the babysitter, who will take care of your children is friendly in nature and could get easily along with others or not. Also note –Does she has the ability to form good relationships with people and to what extent?

Dear parents! Preparing a list of questions to ask a babysitter before hiring will help you to stay focused, relaxed and friendly during a babysitter interview. Remember, you’re inviting a babysitter to care for the most important person in your life. So you need to be absolutely sure the person you are considering is going to be right for the job.

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