31 Comfy Small Living Room Layout Installation

Do you live in a small apartment? Many of us may do, whether as a necessity or by personal wish! When we are living, we often get the feeling that some of the small living room layout installations don’t get the attention they deserve.

small living room layout6

Small living room layout

What are your favorite ideas for making your small living room look spacious? Could your living room look better without sofa set? You may often find yourself surrounded with such questions each time you think for incorporating new items into your living room. Why not? It’s interesting to try new things! Remember, to decorate in a way that maximizes light and space and don’t forget to pay attention towards color, scale and weight. It can make quite a big difference.

Regardless of size, living room should be able to function as a perfect space for relaxation, gossip in the evening time and entertaining. Keeping this view in mind, here are some of our attractive ways to make it feel more spacious.

Mirrors and Wallpaper Layout:

small living room layout1

small living room layout2

small living room layout3

Create a focal point in your small living room – boost light and add depth by papering a wall and hanging a mirror on top. Try to position the mirror across the window, so that it reflects the outside view as well giving an impression of extra window. A large woven Ottoman can work as a coffee table for small living room layout. If you’re looking for wallpapers, first check out the significance of mural wallpapers.

Corners Filled Layout:

small living room layout4

small living room layout5

small living room layout6

Do you know sometimes going with the largest piece of furniture can actually make the room feel bigger? A tailored sofa placed at one corner, with a pair of leather folding stools pulled in close to form a conversational group. You can even fill out the room with a slipper chair to make it look more attractive and lively.

Beautiful plants Layout:

small living room layout7

small living room layout8

small living room layout9

Plants are for our environment! Like Mirrors, plants are a wonderful way to add depth to a small living room. Plants look effective placed at the corners and beside or behind tables and sofas. You can add a pair of armchairs with a small table between is a chic alternative to sofas and can be used from both sides. Bonus point when sitting options are limited, isn’t it?

Skip the Sofa Layout:

small living room layout10

small living room layout11

small living room layout12

Who says a small living room layout has to have a sofa as a necessary item? If the space is too congested, try circling three-four armchairs around a coffee table. For more flexible look, make the coffee table a tray-topped ottoman that can later be used as a chair.

Adding Small Pieces:

small living room layout13

small living room layout14

small living room layout15

Small pieces look great and work well in every situation. Usually, small pieces are set diagonally to the main horizontal/vertical grid of the room. But, when you try to do that with a larger space, you will definitely face space issue.

Multi-functional Furniture Layout:

small living room layout16

small living room layout17

small living room layout18

Each piece of furniture placed in living room must hold its special place. Think of using a sleek, armless sofa floats slightly away from the wall for an evening tea-party with friends. You can even add versatile little stools that can be used as seats or tables.

Downsize the Sofa Style:

small living room layout19

small living room layout21

small living room layout22

Most of the times many of you have noticed that full-size sofa just won’t work well in some spaces. In such circumstances, placing a slimmed-down love seat or petite sofa is a great alternative. A small sofa floating in the middle of open-plan space, facing a media center on the wall looks fabulous, one must go with it.

Here are more small living room layout designs:

small living room layout23

small living room layout24

small living room layout25

small living room layout26

small living room layout27

small living room layout28

small living room layout29

small living room layout30

small living room layout31

small living room layout32

Finally, adding paintings, sculptures and flower arrangements to your small living room layout makes you feel more comfortable. So, personalize your small living space in any way you want without overcrowding it and feel free to share this post forward.

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