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10 Household Chores To Reduce Body Fat

10 Household Chores To Reduce Body Fat

If you’re wondering how your mothers and grandmothers managed to be in shape without even entering the gym, it is probably due to the time they spend at home doing household chores. Yes! The calories burnt while doing household chores can really help you lose weight. Friends! Does hitting the gym seem like a tedious

Everything You Need to Know about Wind Chimes (Bring One Home)

“Music of the Breezes, Like a Kiss, Comforts me Today and Everyday” – A wind Chime Do you believe wind chimes are like clairvoyants that take part in fulfilling many cosmic purposes, including warding off spirits,purification and protection and increased energy flow? If not (or yes), you will also be surprised to learn that these

Things You Should Know About Dreamcatcher!

Let’s see how many of you are familiar with the term ‘Dream catcher’? Many people consider it as a circular wooden ring hanged with string and straw webbed through it just like a spiders web. Well, that’s true – it’s a hoop containing a woven mesh, feathers and beads hanging from it. Now, we would