Vertical Garden: A new chapter with Types and Tips

Vertical garden or wall garden, you can go with any term. Gone are the days when people would grow plants only in backyard space. But it’s not always possible for everyone who has been living with shortage of that space hence vertical garden comes. Vertical gardens are for everyone, does not matter if your home is huge bungalow or small apartment. Such garden can be easily grown on any wall you want to. Now, get ready to unfold the realm of vertical garden.

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Vertical garden: a new chapter with types and tips

Vertical gardens are not only meant to get greenery in house but to beautify it as well. You can all sorts of containers of different sizes and shapes for wall garden and nothing would be better that this. Since it’s about decorating a home with beautiful flowers and plants, hanging garden is another best option you can go for.

Types of vertical garden:

The most basic and simple type of wall garden comes along with using of containers or used plastic boxes you have in store room but still there are different types, given below.

Pockets Garden:

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What a classic name! Exactly, this belongs to the pocket you have in Jeans. This type of vertical garden is designed keeping in mind the creation of living wall by making a line of fabric products. Benefit of fabric- plants grow much better in such containers.

Arbor Garden:

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An arbor or pergola is a garden forming passageway, shaded walkway or sitting area of pillars. This type of vertical garden could be the best option for the entry gate, especially for the occasion to decorate entry for guests.

Green Wall Garden:

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You might have seen this design of vertical garden. External view of house fully covered with greenery gives attractive and appealing look and looks alike if it’s a house of royal family. This green structure is the vegetation and can cover the entire wall or structure for long time.

Gutter Garden:

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Plants that don’t need much space for growing, are suitable for gutter garden. Rain gutters are inescapable when it comes to create something creative and beautiful. Actually, depth of rain gutters give less space to grow plants, so make sure to grow plants which don’t grow big.

Garden pots:

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All you need to do is arrange garden pots with the wall or any vertical structure. Moreover, by decorating, or panting garden pots before you place them will enhance the beauty of design. Herbs and seasonal plants work best with such pots.

Find out suitable location for vertical garden:

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Vertical garden can be grown indoor or outdoor, even to the external walls of house for privacy and decorative purpose. But it all depends on your requirement and the type of plants or flower you choose to grow. If you don’t have the free open wall or if you love the paint of wall and don’t want to change its view, you can buy or craft yourself a vertical stand for garden.

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Things to remember:

• Living walls are compact and so the less soil is. There is huge difference in maintenance of horizontal and vertical gardening. Drip irrigation system must be done for vertical garden.
• You always need a back-up plan! Same with the case of vertical gardening, if you have planted the plants of same species, makes sure to get some extra on your side, because some of planted plants might die or would not grow in time.
• Vertical garden gives new looks to the wall or structure, though one can go with colorful and different species of plants, but growing plants with the same ‘habits’ will ensure you the easily growth and stylish view.
• Soil needs to be fully fertilized and enriched of nutrients and by following these gardening hacks you can do lot to grow plants easily.

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Wall garden or vertical garden is the new chapter in gardening which has been getting popularity among people. It symbolizes your nature, being perfectionist attitude and surely greenery keeps a home fresh and healthy. Do let us know your ideas and designs of vertical garden, in comment section and share this post with your pals and known ones.

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