10 Creative ways to Display Photographs at Home: DIY

Now, with the advancement in technology almost every phone comes with good quality camera pre-installed in it and we all are taking full advantage of it. The accessibility of being able to snap anything, anytime, anywhere is a blessing in the form of selfies with which you can easily capture very special moments of your life and when you look back over them after few years, they have the power to instantly generate that wonderful feelings into your mind.

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Creative ways to display photographs at home

Creating a unique presentation of those incredible memories and displaying them around your home seems to be creative and fun ways to display photographs at home. Photos on walls are always great idea because they bring up old memories and make the wall look less boring. Here, we present some ideas about how to hang and display your photos in unique ways, but remember not to destroy walls. If you want to do something new to decorate walls of house, you better need to know about mural wallpapers.

DIY Create Photo Clock:

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Arranging your favorite pictures on wall seems easy, but displaying those pictures into a functional clock may sound difficult. Use simple method to display your 12 photographs into a clock and see the magic such as – canvassing, framing.

Try Mini Photo Magnets:

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Usually, we have some pictures that seem boring after some time and we try to hang them in kitchen. The photo magnets will add liveliness to these photographs without setting them in a bunch of frames and you can place them to a knife rack, a metallic bulletin board or a fridge. Photo magnets are among fun and adorable ways to display photographs at home.

Creative Family Tree:

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This is a beautiful way to show your family history. Starting from the year the first generation starts display your family photos year-wise in a creative family tree style.

DIY Photo Ladder:

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Ladder is a fantastic way to display photos of special family functions and ceremonies. You can use natural elements as background as they make everyday décor look more captivating and interesting.

Glowing Photo Luminary:

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One of the creative ways to display photographs at home. Luminaries give timeless appeal to your photographs. When the candles are lit, these charming photo luminaries will remind you of good times you shared with complete family.

Wood Slice:

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Getting your photo engraved on a wooden slab or logs looks pretty cool, but if you want the full natural feel in your photograph transfer all the images onto an original log slice. These wood slices displayed on the walls of your house seem to be focal point for visitors.

DIY Balloon Chandelier:

ways to display photographs at home7

Balloons are great for party decorations and showcasing your special moments. Hang your favorite photos onto different size balloons and let the others feel the depth behind them.

DIY Vintage Book:

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To make your kids room look more attractive, converting vintage children’s book into a picture frame is a great idea. You can place photos of flowers, graphic shapes or scenic vacation spots as background.

Chalkboard Wall:

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Let your creativity flow and instead of just framing and hanging pictures on the wall, you can paint the wall with chalkboard paint and then draw the suitable frames that matches perfect with your photos. This is among imaginative ways to display photographs at home.

Round Cardboard Frames:

ways to display photographs at home10

The best way to show your creativity is by creating round cardboard frames. For this you need to have empty paper towel and toilet rolls to make these easy and clever frames of different sizes. Before adding the photo, it’s better to paint both the inside and outside with different colors.

Do let us know more creative ways to display photographs at home, in comment section and feel free to share this post with loved ones. We hope above mentioned some unique and family photo display ideas may remind you of your dearest ones and make you smile.

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