6 Wedding Night Bedroom Decoration Tips: Make Memories Forever

Wedding holds a very important place in every man and woman’s life. There is no doubt in saying that weddings mark a beginning of fun and happy celebrations. Now, Friends! If you are wondering how to make the first wedding night even more special and valuable for the newlywed couple especially for the bride as she is coming first time to the groom’s house and the first special thing she is gifted with is warm, beautiful bedroom. So, you need to decorate the room in a most cozy, sensual and romantic kind of way. And don’t forget to think about color combination of bedroom, you can check out the ideas here.

wedding night bedroom decoration3

Wedding night bedroom decoration

Here, we have posted many new wedding night bedroom decoration ideas with a hope that you will appreciate these wonderful decorating styles. All these ideas are simply unbelievable and look extremely pretty. You must be aware about the fact guys and gals! ‘Bedroom decoration for wedding night has now become a part of our tradition.’ Every room whether it’s big or small looks incomplete without red flowers, sultry candles, romantic music and colorful bed sheets. Guys, you are someone’s hubby now and you got express your love and care to your charming wife, so, grab these I love my wife quotes and keep expressing love you have for them via words. 

So, all the brothers, sisters and friends who have taken the risk of decorating the bedroom of newlywed couple on their shoulders – check this list, as we present best ideas on how to give a fragrant and warm welcome to the couple into the new life!

Use of Soft Shades on Wall:

wedding night bedroom decoration 1

Wow! sounds interesting! The good color scheme of the room helps a long way in setting the mood for the night. How you feel about using soft pastel shades of blue, pink or cream in a unique way? You can even go for bold and beautiful colors like orange, red, green and purple. Now, keeping the color theme in mind add elements such as – bed sheets, curtains, etc.

The Graceful Swans:

wedding night bedroom decoration 2

Swans are among one of the most beautiful birds on this earth and they symbolize love, purity and beauty. Two swans folded out of white towels and placed amidst in a heart made out of red rose petals, this heart-touching wedding night bedroom decoration idea will surely enhance passion in our new couple for the whole night.

Canopy Style with Exotic Orchids:

wedding night bedroom decoration 3

If you have decided to go for a canopy style bed, then you must opt for complete white fabric to drape around the bed. A bunch of orchids placed on the top makes it look even more beautiful and the couple will again fall in love with each other. Yeah…excited to tell friends! Once the curtains are drawn down, the couple will feel as if they have got enveloped in a cozy, happy cocoon till the night gets over!

Champagne + Assorted Chocolates:

wedding night bedroom decoration 5

It’s time for sharing special moment, then how can you forget to order for some champagne as an attractive wedding night bedroom decoration. Don’t you think – it’s a very elegant, classy and romantic way to please the couple. Leave a bottle of champagne with two long-stemmed glasses besides the bed. You can also keep some assorted fruits and chocolates along with it.

Abundant Use of Red Flowers:

wedding night bedroom decoration 4

Just imagine how a bridal room will look without red roses? Don’t you dare forget to add red roses as they are sign of true love? Leave rose petals hanging all over the room for that romantic feel. Also, the bed decorated with the headband of red flowers looks amazing!

Sultry Candles:

wedding night bedroom decoration 6

Candles arranged in absolute stunning ways are simply beyond the imagination of some of us, but nothing to worry! Candles lit up around the room in a flowing water jar will add beautiful glow to the room. You can even add exotic lanterns, antique glasses and place old hookah at the corner of the room.

So, guys! Feel free to mix and match these wedding night bedroom decoration ideas and go as naughty as you like until you found the perfect one to suit the needs of the couple. And let us know if you have more ideas of wedding night decoration as you are experienced.

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